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    i see, the problem was mentioned by other people before as well, I am not sure there is a solution.
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    What I don't get is this.
    Both Amazon and B&N are competing to be the #1 ebook sellers. To this end they sell ereaders at cost or even at a loss, clearly showing that their interest is in us buying books from them.
    Why does neither of them create reader apps for all the platforms making sideloading totally transparent and hassle-free?

    As an example on my Kindle for PC program I can just copy a MOBI file into the "my Kindle content" folder and the book is there the next time I open the program! Totally hassle free! So it is obvious they know how to do this and the tablet apps are purposefully crippled.
    Now this doesn't make any sense. If I used Kindle or Barnes and Noble's app for all my reading I would be much more inclined to buy books through that app from them than if I were using pReader or Stanza on the iPad

    Same thing that happens with mp3 players.
    I was a late adopter of the iPod, had a Sony mp3 player (which I still have) until I got bored of all the restrictions in uploading music to it and the cumbersome shopping experience. Enter the iPod / iTunes...even if it is not perfect, through iTunes I have bought countless albums of music because it is so convenient!! But imagine if I could only listen to the music I had bought from the apple store and had to use a different player to listen to all the music I painstakingly downloaded from my hundreds of cd's over the would be ridiculous!!

    In my opinion the first one of these two giants to create an environment similar to iTunes where I can just drop my whole collection into it and start reading and never need to leave their app for anything book related will take the cake.

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    Thanks to everyone who has replied. Going to get preader and kindle app installed and get my books sorted out. How annoying that there is no native app available though. Plenty of people out there will not be aware of how to do this. Now if only the zoom and re-render gets sorted out on adobe reader then I will be sorted. Thanks again :-)
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    I bought the TouchPad mainly for an eReader function. It hasn't been delivered yet (thanks HP Small Business!) but the more I read about the lack of the capability of that very thing! the more I hope the Android dual boot happens. I keep hoping that by the time mine is delivered that someone will hack the Kindle for PC App or make a new eReader App that really works for Epub/Mobi AND PDF. That's what I really wanted to read was full color PDF's. Magazines.

    So yes, I was excited when I heard there was an affordable color 10" tablet. I didn't read up on it before I bought it - I didn't know anything about it before I bought it. Would I have bought it knowing what I know now? That's a hard one. I don't know as I don't have it in hand.

    I do think with all the new users that something will happen.
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    ReadMe is another epub reader.. for the most part I've found it does a better job rendering epubs than pReader native but becomes more and more unstable the longer you use it.

    pReader is great, just wish it had some indenting features.

    Aldiko for webOS
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    Quote Originally Posted by markybaby View Post
    No Kindle app for the UK and the adobe PDF reader is terrible. It does not show text clearly on my large scanned documents I want to carry around. I love the web and the games but expected a decent reading experience above all. Is this what I am left with or will future updates fix this. I really hope so, wasted opportunity is what I think at the moment.
    pReader reads kindle books you have to load them manually

    you must not have updated the software and let the pad update overnight adobe has been updated its a little better
    I'm not here to criticize the Touchpad but to learn how to make it better.
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