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    I saw some statements (rumors) this last weekend that some people were finding that some h.h.gregg stores had received very limited stock of more Touchpads. For various reasons, I did not have time to really pursue this until today. As I had been looking ever since Barnes and Noble canceled my order for a 16GB model made on August 21, I figured it was worth a little phone calling and leg work to see if there were any to be had nearby.

    I called one store about 5 miles from me that does not seem to get a lot of traffic and happened to get a sales rep in the electronics department that seemed more amused than irritated to get another call about the Touchpad. :-) He said they did not have any, but when I politely explained that I had heard some stores had received a few in the last few days, he agreed to check inventory. He confirmed they did not have any, but said it looked like two stores in town had a couple of 32GB models, but he could not guarantee anything. Rather than call those stores, I just drove to the first one and tried the polite inquiry approach again. At this store, they did seem annoyed and tried to brush me off. I reiterated that the guy at the first store said they had 2 in stock according to the inventory system, so this guy checked, saw the "2" but said they had likely sold them in the last hour or two. He checked with his manager who "confirmed" this, but didn't actually look to see.

    So, off I went to the other store on the far side of town. Went in and asked the same question again. This sales rep also said, "We might have some, but I think they are all gone...but I'll check." He talked to another sales rep, who then talked to the manager....and lo and behold, the manager went into his office (not the stock room) and pulled out a new, in box, 32GB Touchpad....and handed it to the second sales rep, who rang up my purchase. He told me it was the "last one they had" and wanted to make sure I knew they would not support it or the warranty. I said I understood that I would have to go through HP for any warranty issues. My guess is that due to the frenzy, the manager had kept these few units in his office. Maybe he was holding it for someone, maybe not, but it seemed the attitude was "Let's get this last one out of here!".

    So, no guarantees, but a few polite phone calls might get you information on whether other stores have any recently arrived units in stock. Then you have to be polite and persistent...and you may track one down. (Have the two model numbers ready as that helps them look it up faster since the Touchpad is no longer on the h.h.gregg web site.)
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    So, the accessories from the store arrived on Saturday, and now a Touchpad today to go with them! Good luck to everyone still looking who actually wants one to use. (I refuse to wish luck to people who want to resell them on eBay or CL.)
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    can't find any around son really wants one...
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    congrats on getting one
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    I got a 16GB TP for a buddy at H.H. Gregg today, too. I plan to check back tomorrow afternoon because the guy said they've been getting one or two randomly on trucks and he wouldn't be surprised if they got more in later this week. My brother-in-law wants a 32GB.
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    Yeah, I noticed a bunch of people in the slickdeals forums were scoring TouchPads from HH Gregs all throughout the Labor Day weekend. Those slickdealers are like pros at tracking down TouchPad's.

    Unfortunately there are no HH Greggs where I live, and I'm still looking to get a TP.

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