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    HP giving run around about refunding difference in price. Has anyone had luck when TP was purchased through HP - United States | Laptop Computers, Desktops, Printers, Servers and more
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    Anyone? Bump!
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    No luck for me yet. I emailed the rep that I bought mine from on launch day, and she told me they are backed up with the refunds.
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    My mother-in-law got a refund on the price difference on the TouchPad she bought for us. Was like $475 she got back. She said she was on hold with them for awhile tho.
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    I originally asked for a full refund before the editable quickoffice was released and have since had a change of mind. I asked the HP rep and was told its being processed as a full refund and they are waiting on the equipment. I asked why cant you cancel the return and start a claim for the refund on the difference in price and was told its not their policy to do that. Not sure they person was aware of the issue with the touchpads.
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    I gave up a while ago and considered it the cost of doing business with HP. I'm sure they'll figure it out and I'll probably get a refund just before Christmas, but does it really matter now 2 months plus later. Sorli...
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    I pre-ordered at SMB, paid full price, asked for a partial refund, got it. I am now wondering what to do with the credit balance on my credit card, lol.
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