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    I have managed to get our vpn working on my TP and it seems to be working as it should. We have a Cisco VPN concentrator with multiple working clients and changes I make get pushed down pretty quick.

    However, the only problem that I seem to be having is setting the WINS server ip address on the TP. All of my other clients devices seem to support this configuration but the TP only allows me to edit the DNS details on the wireless setup. Whatever additional IP information I am receiving when the VPN is connected seems to be hidden. All I can see is the actual device IP address.

    Is there anyway for me to tell if the TP is getting the correct DNS/WINS information? I thought maybe though the xecutah/xserver/xterm combination I might be able to see something but I am not a linux expert. I have used this combination sucessfully to map network drives but thats about all I know.
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    Hello everybody,
    I am using Australian VPN with Superb VPN Services and I am very satisfied. Speed is fine and connection is reliable.

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