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    Is the OS GPU accelerated or just use the CPU?

    My TP is glitchy when scrolling, and I remember my Pre Plus doing the same thing. I am overclocked @1.8ghz, with the logging patch, and the other patches too. It works great in games, hence the question.
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    From what I've read previous, some items are accelerated (video playback, Flash, etc), but most things are not (like the launcher). The Launcher though is now running native code, so it is much much faster then HTML and Javascript. Either way, I have no definitive and hopefully someone else with more insight will reply. Sorli...
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    PDK apps use GPU
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    Only certain elements such as the card transitions (cards popping up) and the notifications popping up use GPU Accelerated CSS Transitions.

    Everything else like scrolling is not accelerated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmausser View Post
    Everything else like scrolling is not accelerated.
    This should be obvious to anybody who has a clue. Keep your eye on a text line as you scroll it up a page. Then go to an iOS device and do the same thing. Chalk and cheese.
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    My TouchPad came today. Installed all the recommended patches and overclocked it to 1.5Ghz but there is still a slight lag. When I switch back to my iPad 2 there is a huge difference!
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