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    I'm fairly new to the tp, just had a couple quick questions:

    1) is there a patch to add the functionality where if you double tap the spacebar it inserts a period? I really liked this from ios

    2) any way to make the mail app icon show a badge when there are new messages?
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    1. No, but I hope someone creates that.

    2. That's the function of the notification bar. Tap the envelope at the top, and it will show you message counts. You can swipe them individually from the subject, or the entire list from the icon on the left.
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    I'm new as well, but will have my ebay touchpad by the end of the week (two more maybe to come via SBM). My question is about the WebOS functionality where the user touched his phone to the touchpad, and they sync'd up.

    Can we get that to work the other way? ie, touch the touchpad to the PC and get them to sync up?<g>>

    Thanks in advance for your non-snarky answers.

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