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    I swear, some of the apple ******* are worse than religious zealots.

    I swear I can hear them crying into their pillows at home "Its not FAIR! Apple is the bestest ever, why do people buy other products? Why steve, why??"
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    When you consider that people like to upgrade their gadgets every year or every other year (speaking of phones, tablets, etc.) the touchpad is well worth it even at 250 or 300. The ipad 2 coasts between 500 and 600 dollars depending on the wifi models that are comparable to the Touchpads. What on Earth are you possibly going to do on those ipad 2s that will justify a price more than 5 times higher in a course of a year?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrstinkfish View Post
    Aside from the webOS development bit, and who knows how long HP will feel obligated to continue pouring money into an investment with no returns, what did he say that was inaccurate?

    People are still going to buy it at $99, HP is still discontinuing the product line, and you are still enjoying yours. All is good.
    I know you're not a touchpad fan but let's not let your distaste for the touchpad blind yourself to the ludicrousness of that article.

    He compares the touchpad craze to the tulip mania of the 1600s. As someone who likes to cite esoteric history, you would think he had a firm understanding of the history in order to draw a valid comparison. Such is far from the case. The Tulip mania was driven by the people's irrationally high valuation of Tulips, a functionally worthless item that was coveted as a status symbol. Since it was "cool" to have a tulip, everyone wanted one and the maddening demand drove tulip prices through the roof, despite the fact that tulips serve no practical purpose. Then, suddenly the value of tulips tanked because people finally came to their senses and realized that, "hey, everyone has one, *** do i do with it now? It doesn't do anything".

    Whats particularly infuriating of that article is that it carries an implicit backhanded insult. By comparing the touchpad to worthless tulips and touchpad buyers to irrational idiots who went out to buy worthless tulips, hes pretty much saying that we are spending money on junk and the demand for the touchpad is a result of herd mentality alone. Obviously we know this not to be true.

    Hate it or like it, you can not dispute that the touchpad isn't a paperweight. It surfs the web. It lets me read kindle books. It lets me navigate flash content. It lets me play games to kill time. It streams music and allows me to catch up with my rss feeds, stock, and weather all at the same time. Its a multitasking behemoth and even more so with glimpse. And, at 99$, its a freaking steal. The fact that there are no more webos devices does not negate the fact that for what it does now the value derived from a 99$ touchpad is unmatched. This is indisputable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vszulc View Post
    As one of the new Touchpad owners, I can only say that he Touchpad itself does an excellent job at turning people away.

    Sure, I'm sure some of the new owners will put up with the infrequent slowdowns, and keep it as a device for browsing only. But I think that most of them will move on fairly quickly, put their Touchpad on ebay (again) and either get another tablet, or go back tot their laptops.

    Is a touchpad worth 100$? Sure...

    Is it worth 200? For most people no. Just like I'm sure that most people would have more benefit of one iPad, rather than 5 TouchPad for the same amount of money spent...
    Different strokes for different folks. I do more than just browse on my TP and wouldn't think of given it up. And this is coming from someone who owns an iPad2. I have tweaked mine for greater responsiveness and over all speed and couldn't be happier.
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    What is up with Timmy Falcon at Beatweek? Did HP do some terrible injustice to him? This guy has cranked out article after article of unfair and unbalanced garbage about the TouchPad. I think what really ticks me off is that he doesn't have the guts to allow anyone to comment (articles always marked as comments closed). I would have posted a comment there if possible... so I'll have to vent here. Timmy!, give it a rest already! I have an Ipad in the house and frankly, I like the TouchPad much better. After doing some performance tweaks I found online, it rocks even better than the Ipad. If I could find two more TouchPads I would buy them in a heartbeat for my kids.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmausser View Post
    I swear, some of the apple ******* are worse than religious zealots.

    I swear I can hear them crying into their pillows at home "Its not FAIR! Apple is the bestest ever, why do people buy other products? Why steve, why??"
    Wow theres actually truth to this
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