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    With all the talk about overclocking the touchpad and all the patches I've done to speed it up.

    I am wondering if there are ways (software) to save battery life when I am not near an outlet.

    I'm talking about ways beyond turning brightness down, blah, blah, what everyone blurts out when someone asks this about any product. Like underclocking or other patches and such to improve battery life. This may be impossible once you get to the point of turning off wireless in the OS and switching back to 1.2ghz, but curious if there any ways now or in development.
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    As I understand it, the CPUs do the "underclocking" for you automatically. So if you "overclock" but then don't run any heavy applications the CPUS wind themselves back.

    So brightness, turning off wireless or decreasing the "sync" time of apps that call a mothership somewhere are the key savers.

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    what is this sync time? First I've heard of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrOldboy View Post
    what is this sync time? First I've heard of it.
    some apps sync to update their stuff. Like news feeds, email, etc. I haven't look into the apps I have much but do know the email has it. I have mine set for every 30 mins. When an app is loaded look at the top left for the settings to see if it has any sync settings. Govnah has stat updating settings but I don't know if it runs when to program is not open
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    I turn on "airplane mode" when I am not needing internet access.

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