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    I know I may be beating a dead horse here, but I, like many thousands other here are brand new TPad owners, wanna know what's your favorite/most stable OC Kernel and why?

    With F4 @ 1.8Ghz, very fast, but Kalemsoft Media 0.3.4 had lots of crashing, other apps would freeze up

    Warthog @ 1.7Ghz gives me pretty good results, but I read F4 gave full speed to both cores. Some random crashing with Kalemsoft.

    F15C, anything that's not 1.5Ghz is prone to crash or reboot the TPad.

    Uberkernel, never tried.

    Thank you very much.
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    Im rocking uberkernal which is stable and solid. Im a very light user at the moment with my TP...waiting for more apps to come I like uberkernal...It downclocks a lot to save battery and the few times I do a lot on my TP both cores ramp to 1.5ghz, which is very quick and snappy. I never have any issues or lag other than those inherit already to the TP/webOS 3.x natively..

    I was eying F4 but it's kinda pointless for me at the moment..I dont need my TP running full time dual core OC'd to 1.8ghz to check email and browse my fantasy football pages..Keep the perspective is all I have to say..

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