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    I was definitely prompted to get the 32 because of the price. At $599 it was too expensive to see if I might enjoy it. Even at $499 I had my doubts. But at $149, I figured if I discovered it wasn't a good option for me it could at least be a pretty good eReader, so it was a no brainer. Now that I have discovered I really enjoy the dang thing, I would probably go $299 for the 32. I might end up going $249 for the 16 for my wife....will see if I get lucky and land a $99 one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by penguinsrus View Post
    Honestly, I only bought the HP TouchPad because of the price. I was looking to get an ultra-portable laptop, mostly just to have for web browsing and entertainment and to take on the occasional trip. I might have purchased a tablet some day, but really wasn't seriously in the market for one. Price was the main factor keeping me away. I figured that for the money I would get more buying a laptop.

    Now, having purchased the TouchPad, I am very happy with it and look forward to taking it with me on my next trip. I do not need it for word processing or anything heavy like that, mostly just for web browsing and light entertainment. So, instead of buying an ultra-portable, I have a tablet instead.

    So, to answer the OP's question, yes, I only bought one because of the fire sale. I did not have any plans to buy a tablet until the sale happened.
    Yup, my reasons too.

    Despite being a 'techie' I knew next to nothing about the TouchPad before I bought it. I wasn't planning on buying a tablet (an iPad would have been nice for the apps (I have an iPod Touch) but too expensive for me at the moment) so I hadn't done the usual spec/price comparisons.

    My reasoning was that for $150 if it plays media, supports PDFs, browses the web adequately and has a smattering of interesting apps it will be worth it whatever the future holds.

    The whole family is enjoying it so far.
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    I wanted one since before day one, but couldn't afford it until the fire sale.
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    I was thinking about getting an Ipad. But when I saw 32g TP for $150, I had to get one.
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    Well, I have been a Palm PrPrPr&#$275$; $owner$ $since$ $it$ $launched$, $but$ $I$ $didn$'$t$ $think$ $I$ $would$ $need$ $a$ $tablet$/$pad$ $since$ $I$ $have$ $2$ $laptops$ $and$ $my$ $Pr$&#$275$;. $Besides$, $with$ $this$ $economy$ $and$ $a$ $job$ $that$ $pays$ $a$ $lot$ $less$ $then$ $my$ $old$ $job$ $I$ $couldn$'$t$ $spend$ $the$ $asking$ $price$ $at$ $the$ $beginning$.

    Than the firesale came and my wife and I are the proud owners of 2 16GB PalmPads (yes I know they are TouchPads, but I don't care, to me they will always be PalmPads), one for each. I figured why have only 1 32GB for me when I could afford 2 16GB TPads and make the wife happy

    Now my 2 kids also love the PalmPads
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    I didn't really even know anything about the HP touchpads except they were modeled after the iPad in many ways. I was familiar with Palm and iPaq though. I always liked their stuff but could never afford it back in the day. I boned up really fast and couldn't pass it up. I am very happy with my purchase as of now. I have a number of friends who missed out & wanted one so I consider myself lucky.
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    no plan, have an iPad and playbook, so this was all impulse and hopes for android. That being said, webOS is quite better than expected.
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    WebOS is an abusive relationship that I keep going back to. I was going to buy eventually, but with the firesale made it an easy choice.
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    I seem to have become a manic tablet hoarder, now owning 4 tablets. Thus I wasn't planning to get a Touchpad, although did waver slightly coming through Heathrow duty free a couple of weeks before the firesale. Given that I have one 7" Android tablet, one 10" plus an original iPad, I didn't really NEED another tablet. But at the firesale price it was insane to pass up and the TP is now my primary tablet.
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    I had always planned to get a TouchPad. But my current new-gadget-fund was earmarked for a new Pre3. After I got the Pre3, I presumed that the 7" TouchPad Go would be released, so I figured I'd look at both TouchPads and pick the one I liked best. I also figured there'd be some better sale prices either on Black Friday or leading up to Christmas.

    So now instead of a Pre3 and at least one TouchPad or TouchPad Go, I've got my old Pre+ and two 32GB TouchPads.
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    I have been wanting a tablet for some time and looked at the android tablets (xoom, iconia, and transformer), but could never justify the cost. I never really considered the TouchPad until the firesale. I picked up a 16GB TouchPad and have been extremely happy with it.
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    So ilovemypreplus,

    Whose gonna do a tally of these responses?

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    Where's the POLL??????(we LOOOVES polls here, don'ts wees my precious??)

    Bought one before and one during. Got my second one for "free" with my money I got back from the first.
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    I'm am interested in getting a Touchpad with the next batch, and yes because it's available at the firesale price.

    Heck, I'm on disability so the cheaper the better. My funds are low now (as is everyone today).

    So what are my best chances to get one. What link should I use to try and order one for the best chance of getting one.

    I really want to have some WebOS in my life, even if my phone will be on another OS in the end.

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    I didn't want a touchpad or any other tablet. For this price though it was worth it as just a toy to play with. For the most part it actually affirmed my belief that tablets are not very practical (at least for me).
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    Mine was purchased on a whim. I decided that if I found one on that Saturday for $100 that I was getting one. The Office Depot had one but it was $129.99 for a 16GB. I thought about it for about 5 seconds and told the guy I would take it. It is cheaper than any e-reader out there.
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    A tablet to me always topped the list of discretionary electronic purchases. I never saw the need for one, especially since it really couldn't do anything that my laptop, desktop and Nexus One couldn't do.

    However, I have always been an admirer of webOS after all the critical acclaim. I am an Android ******, but I was very, very impressed with webOS based on what I read/saw online. I went to the store on launch day to play with the demo and I liked it very much. But at that price point, I couldn't see myself dropping the dough for one.

    However, I knew that the price had to drop by Christmas, and I thought.. alright, well when we get a $100-$150 price drop I will consider it more closely.

    Fast forward a few weeks, I was on my phone and I read the tweets of the $100-$150 Touchpad. I thought I read that there was a $100-150 price drop, to which I rejoiced and thought I'd think about getting one. I re-read the tweet and realized otherwise.

    At this price, I couldn't say no. Ended up getting my hands on 6, sold 3, kept 3.
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    I would have paid full price for a WebOs tablet. I just pray they really get Android running on it so I can actually use it as an ereader and video player. Please don't recommend preader because that app is junk.

    The TO makes me want to get a real functioning tablet but they cost took much.I would buy a tablet if they were cheap like $250.00 max. I got it because it was cheap and I didn't expect much since it has WebOS.
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    Nope. I was looking for a tablet around $100. I was hoping to get a deal on one of the crappy chinese droid tabs.

    When I heard of the price, I knew this would be the best hardware on a tab for $100 for quite awhile. I jumped knowing that Android would be available relatively soon.
    I am trying to like webOS, but there is just not enough functionality for am hoping for a quick Android port.

    Specificallly-Netflix, Wma/wmv, rar/zip, decent PDF reader, ability to sideload kindle books, quick easy games(have tons on my iPhone-most are available on Android-cut the rope, burn the rope, heads will roll, etc) many third party apps only available on iOS/Android(ESPN, CSNBay Area...).

    p.s. Yep, we got our first(as far as I can tell) fart app for webOS last week..YAY!!!
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    I was drawn to the Touchpad by the tech specs, and the prospect of learning from homebrewers how to make it even better.
    When the price dropped so low, I decided it was worth the money even in light of the original manufacturer's abandonment.
    After all, there are plenty of vintage autos still on the road, and
    until recently there were lots of vintage cameras, too.

    So I took the chance and got two of the 32GB Touchpads, for about $170 each after tax and shipping.

    Now I just have to learn how to use it, which should be fun.
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