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    i planed to buy one since the hp keynote
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    No, would've eventually purchased an iPad2. Very glad I didn't go with the iPad2, as lately I am growing increasingly frustrated with Apple's walled garden on my iPhone. Never been a fan of droid, vendor lockdown of the device seems pointless and it doesn't have the apps of the iPhone. UbuntuChroot and webOS is full of so much win. I can run a full office suite, print to my wireless Epson printer, remote into my media center PC, in addition to using regular webOS apps.

    Now that I have a webOS device I feel it is clearly superior to iOS, android, and only ubuntu on a tablet.
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    I knew about the TouchPad and was very interested in it. However, I have an iPad2 (upgraded from an iPad original) and couldn't see plunking down $400 for another tablet. When the firesale came along, I couldn't resist getting my hands back on a webOS device again. Now, it may be because it's the new toy but I've been using the heck out of it and have only picked up my iPad2 when my boys are exploring the TouchPad.
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    I always planned to get one, in fact I got a 16gb for 320 with free case 3 days before this happened and hp price adjusted it so I lucked out 16GB for 99 with free HP case
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    There are certainly many who only got the touchpad with the hopes of putting android on it, and others who would have never gotten a touchpad or any other tablet but did because of the ludicrous price.

    I know a few people who got them at work (Fry's electronics) instead of getting a computer. Now I have so many people asking me about preware, overclocking, quickoffice, free apps and how do I use the camera.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brianL View Post
    I had absolutely zero intention of buying a touchpad. I wanted a tablet, but was going to get either an iPad or a transformer. It was the price that got me, and I'd say that there is pent up demand for tablets at a low price, not specifically for the touchpad.
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    I was planning to get one to complete my collection. The fire sale made it easier and faster to get one !
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    I wanted a webos tablet really bad but i saw how few apps were being developed so i bought a transfotmer. But for 99 i got it.

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    I watched the price on Amazon for about 3 weeks then finally bought my first TouchPad and case so I could get my early adopter $50 rebate. Cost me about $610. Then after about 3 weeks the news came and Amazon would only offer a complete refund so I shipped it back to them and bought 3 new ones (2x32gb, 1x16gb) the next day at Best Buy. Then I also got 2 new cases for only $25 and a touchstone for $40. Wish those deals were still going on. The whole family is addicted to using the TouchPad. I also upgraded from a Pre+ to a Pre2 the same week. So looks like I'll be enjoying WebOS for some time
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    No...I'd probably be a potential iPad buyer, but I couldn't justify the price. At the firesale price, though, I couldn't resist. I really like webOS, but he app selection is still quite lacking. I like my touchpad a lot, and will likely keep it for quite some time, but I have to be honest, I'll probAbly get an iPad as my next tablet, though that'd probably be the iPad 4, as I am content with my TP, and would not really entertain a replacement for a couple years. I have an iPhone, and the polish of the OS and outstanding developer support is awesome.
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    I was going to get one but I figured it wouldn't be until Christmas. I figured I'd be able to decide then to get a 3g one or the price would have dropped on the original as other models were slated to be released.
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    Tbh, I had no interest in it until the fire sale. Had planned on getting an android tablet eventually (had a xoom for a while and loved it) but since it was so cheap and an android port was in the future, I went for it. Not a be tablet, especially for the price.

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    owning a pre- on sprint for nearly 2 years now, I was very familiar with webOS and the homebrew community. I'm so lucky that I found homebrew with my pre and before that with my centro. I had been following the news of the selling of palm to hp and the announcement of the pre3 and touchpad since then. I knew I wanted a touchpad right away (and a pre3, but thats not going to happen now!), I played with them at Best Buy everytime we went there, but couldn't justify paying $500 at the time because I had just had a baby.

    Since my pre is doing good, I rarely ever logged on to precentral. Then I heard of the news that hp was discontinuing webOS through a post on facebook by engadget, I freaked and had to log on. I learned about the firesale and stayed up all weekend to get one. Unfortuantly, my 2 orders were canceled, but I found a 16gb on ebay last week and should be here by the end of this week. I just couldn't wait for the next firesale, although we can snag one for my husband and another few for gifts.

    So, yes, I was going to get one one way or another, it was just a matter of time. I love webOS and am very sad and upset that it will most likely be put on the backburner at hp.

    Thank You Precentral and the homebrew community for keeping it alive!
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    I originally purchased a 32GB TB on launch day and returned it to BB within the 2 week period. I saw the promise, but really figured out that holding out for 7" 3G model made more sense for my needs.

    I ended up getting an 2nd Gen iPad 3G to hold me over until the new TPs were out. I was very frustrated with the iPad multi-tasking and virtual keyboard after using the much better webOS implementation.

    As soon as I figured out that the TPs were going away I figured the the current models were as good as I was going to get. I ordered a 32 G for myself and 2 16G units for other families.
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    I've had my eye on Palm WebOS since it was announced and have been wanting to get one of the phones, but the reviews were all pretty bad. The Pre3 has been on the top of my list for my next phone and I am disappointed that HP shut it down.

    I have a smartphone and a laptop, so I didn't see any need for a tablet, but at $150, I couldn't resist. I have enjoyed using my new TP 32GB mainly for websurfing, especially since it has great battery life compared to my laptop.
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    YES. But I was going for the 7" one. Why didn't you make this into a poll?

    Hey has anyone doctored an Android Tablet yet? LOL
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    I've never even seen or TOUCHED a tablet pc. Still haven't, now that I'm thinking on it ... waiting for HP to deliver the goods. Heck, I don't even own a cell phone. So no, I wasn't planning on buying ANY tablet. But I do like toys, and love playing with computers - so I'm hoping that I'll fall in love with this thing. The price made all the difference - I wouldn't take a gamble like this on a $400 or $500 product.
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    I for one had already been considering the TouchPad prior to the fire sale. In fact, just the week before I had spent a good 30 minutes or so playing around with a demo one at my local Best Buy. I am not an Apple fan and after looking around for a few months at different tablet options this was already my leading contender. Obviously I was sad to hear the news of its premature demise, but was glad I got it at the discounted price. Having used it now for a few weeks I am beyond happy with it, and I truly feel it didn't get the chance it deserved.
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    Honestly, I only bought the HP TouchPad because of the price. I was looking to get an ultra-portable laptop, mostly just to have for web browsing and entertainment and to take on the occasional trip. I might have purchased a tablet some day, but really wasn't seriously in the market for one. Price was the main factor keeping me away. I figured that for the money I would get more buying a laptop.

    Now, having purchased the TouchPad, I am very happy with it and look forward to taking it with me on my next trip. I do not need it for word processing or anything heavy like that, mostly just for web browsing and light entertainment. So, instead of buying an ultra-portable, I have a tablet instead.

    So, to answer the OP's question, yes, I only bought one because of the fire sale. I did not have any plans to buy a tablet until the sale happened.
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    Heh, I already had a TouchPad (32G) when I picked up a 16G firesale model. I could have had a 32G, but I wasn't greedy, there was a guy in the store looking for one with me, and with only two available (a 16 and 32), he offered me the choice. I decided that the 16 was good enough for me and let him have the 32.

    As I was leaving, another guy came in and said that HP had cancelled two orders on him.

    Anyway, I was originally planning to have the 16G as a backup depending on what happened with my 32G (ie, I paid full price for it, and am hoping I'll get a price match from QVC, but not holding my breath for that). So I've got the option to return my TouchPad if I need money that badly. That said, I've decided I like my 32 too much and the 16 is winning my daughter over (from an iPad2), so now I'm keeping both.

    Hopefully I can still get the price matched though.......
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