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    I looked at a bunch of tablets for quite a while just could not pull the trigger at $600 now my family has 4 TP's for cost of 1 and it has just about eliminated the desktop.
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    not really. I paid $250 which still is a great price for the 32gb. After the OTA upgrades and homebrew patches. This tablet rocks! I even impressed an Iphone 4 user! Works great with my tethered Pre-.

    Would love the 64gb version...
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    I am a verizon pre+ owner and have loved webOS since first using it on a friends sprint pre-. I had been following news on the Touchpads development since the first rumors started and had always planned on buying one. I was in the process of saving for one when the firesale hit. I wasn't fortunate enough to get one at firesale pricing but when I saw a 32gb on ebay for $245 it was a no brainer. It hasn't disappointed me yet I only hope I can pick up another when HP releases their final batch because my girlfriend loves it as much as I do, which means I don't get to use it nearly as much as I want to.
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    I had been watching webOS since it came out, and I was always really excited about it but I wasn't in the market for a smartphone until around the Pre2 era, which is the same time as Android got really popular. Also, webOS was on only 1 carrier in Canada, so a webOS phone just didn't make sense for me.

    As soon as the TouchPad was announced, I was very excited - Finally a chance to try webOS with its awesome card system on a device that I can buy without worrying about carriers. After it came out, I waited for the reviews to roll it, which were reasonably positive, and then after I heard about 3.0.2, I decided it was time to buy. Even better, HP dropped the price of the 16 GB model to $400, which to me showed that they were serious about building a userbase that would let them compete with Apple. So I bought it for $400, and would have been completely happy paying that much for it.

    A few days later, they announced it was discontinued, then boom: firesale. Let me say that again: I would have been 100% satisfied with my Touchpad having paid full price for it.

    I did go back and price match the Touchpad after the firesale because it's silly to turn down free money, but I think it's incredibly foolish that HP did such a thing.

    Just wanted to throw my story out there. I waited so long to try webOS, finally got a wicked webOS device, am 100% satisfied with it (was even seriously considering developing apps for it), then boom, discontinued.

    If you tried to set fire to 1 billion dollars in cash, I'm sure the government would throw you in jail or an insane asylum. And when HP decided to give up on webOS and firesaled the Touchpad, they completely decimated the value of a tremendous amount of intellectual property and a growing brand. That Leo Apotheker could get away with this kind of economic treason is incomprehensible for me.
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    I already had a iPad 64Gb but I picked up 2 Touchpad 32GB's to play around with after the FireSale hit the street. I like 'em a lot but not enough to give up the iPad! I'm done buying tablets until next summer when I snag a iPad3 64GB 3G.....
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    Didn't read thru the 4 pages of posts...

    I probably would not have bought one. I have an iPhone and prefer to get an iPad. For the price - I'd buy the iPad.

    But - I knew WebOS was a decent operating system... and seems better than Android. When the price came out - for what I was looking for (mainly "couch surfing") I couldn't resist.
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    Like many other folks posting here, I was in the market for a tablet, but was leaning towards the Android Tabs (like the transformer or the galaxy tab). Even though I am an Android user, I could not justify the price of a tablet at between $400 and $600 since my wife and I both have Android phones, a laptop and desktop. Even when I heard the firesale news, I thought "only suckers are going to buy those tablets", but then I became one. I was a bit late to the party but managed to scrounge up 2 16gb versions and love them both. I can hardly put them down!

    Too bad WebOS is going to go the way of the Betamax, but so long I can surf and check my email on the TP, I will be mostly happy.
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    I would and did. I was an early adopter and had to live through the madness of price drops, rebates, and firesale. Got one on firesale and returned the full-priced one (because they wouldn't honor their own price match policy). I'm on the list and hope to pick up two more in October.
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    I got my wife an iPad when they first came out. I always thought it was nice for light web browsing, but not enough to spend another $500+ to get one for myself.

    I always thought that at some point in time I would get an iPad. When a $100 tablet became a reality, I knew that this would give me a taste of having another iPad, but at a fraction of the cost.

    Now, that I actually have a TouchPad, I have to say that I really like WebOS. It's a great OS that really feels like a "computer" and not a "toy". It's unfortunate that HP's first try was so poorly received. Part of this is that Apple just has so much mindshare, but also the Touchpad wasn't polished. I had to go through a number of tweaks just to get it performing nicely. Also, the price was not right. It was not even close to right if you want to take on Apple. Apple has a great product and due to its app store is far superior to anything else out there.

    WebOS could be great, but it's not going to beat Apple if they are priced the same. I guess that's the dilemma for all manufacturers looking to go up against Apple.
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    I've wanted a Touchpad since before launch... I cannot stand Apple products and I didn't want to spend the money on an Android when I already have a 4.5" display on an Android phone (which I switched back and forth from with the Veer til I got my TP).

    While we've seen the webOS user base grow, it seems that there's a lot of people who only bought for the price and had little to no interest before the fire sale and if given an option, they would have bought another OS for the same price. It's quite sad to see such a beautiful, clean, simple OS (yet with a ton of awesome features) go to waste.
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    Not a chance in hell. The fact that I could get A soon to be android tablet for $150 was the only reason why I bought it.

    Quote Originally Posted by ilovemypreplus View Post
    I'm curious: If you're a firesale TouchPad buyer, did you buy one only because of the firesale and being able to get a tablet cheap, or did you already know about the TouchPad and planned to get one someday already? It has seemed to me that the mad dash to buy one may have been partly or even mostly due to pent-up demand by those who wanted one before the firesale but who were waiting for these reasons: 1. To see if the price would drop due to competition among retailers, 2. to see if enough good reviews by both tech people and users would reassure them enough to jump in, or 3. to save up the money for it. I planned to get one for my birthday (Oct.) or for Christmas but went ahead when I heard about the QVC deal with no-interest installments, so I was thrilled to be able to get it sooner than planned (even though I'm not thrilled that QVC hasn't yet firmed up the 2nd price matching and my next installment is next week).

    It seems to me that HP jumped to the conclusion that they wouldn't sell only based on how many people were willing to jump in during the first month to six weeks. Their advertising was so limited with only the Glee girl and the boxer ads being shown a lot but not enough clear explanation of the beauty of webOS - especially the full web which makes having a lot of apps that iPhone needs unnecessary. Bottom line, they just didn't work hard or smart or patiently to get a decent toe-hold in the tablet market that could build steadily. They (meaning the CEO and his cronies on the BoD) didn't believe it could happen and therefore shot HP in the foot in this whole venture. I'm so sad that this great OS will likely fizzle due to the ineptitude and wasted opportunities of so many involved in the webOS creation/development/marketing processes.
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    8 days before the firesale my company was selling TPs to employees for $120 (16gb) and $150 (32gb), but due to the amount of employees clamoring to get one at the same time not very many people got theirs until after the firesale.

    So technically, yes, I was planning on getting the TP before the firesale.
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    I wanted the tablet but the price was a little to high since i could just go get an iPad(just for the jailbreak features and amount of apps) but the 299 deal i went to get one but office depot wouldnt accept both coupons so i eventually gave up but them when i heard of the firesale i placed an order thru macmall then a few days later they said my order was canceled so i wasnt happy then a few days ago i was charged for a touchpad again that i never had gotten so i called and they said it was shipped and was to be delivered that day and i was so happy cause i thought i had missed the firesale but overall i think it is a great tablet too bad the os has been killed off
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    No...but only because I believed the platform was dying...mismanaged (and poorly scheduled and priced) by HP. They took the best mobile OS out there and rather than giving it the leg up it needed, they continued to follow Palm's path of endless delays and lagging spec hardware.

    I really wanted the TP to succeed...and was a launch day Pre user, but it was clear when they hit the market at that price point without Netflix and a significant number of other killer apps (besides Flash), they were in trouble...especially given what was going on in the Android space. I just couldn't see investing as much (or more) to get a TP when I could get a transformer or Galaxy Pad...with better support, especially for third-party DRM, like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, MLBTv, Nook, etc. Sure, WebOS supports some of those now, but for how long? What will happen when they change their underlying technology?

    Thus, I had eliminated WebOS from both my tablet and phone search and was looking at the Galaxy Tab and GS2. This price drop changed everything for me...and my family. We may still get GS2s, but those Galaxy Tabs are off the table...and our Pre's are rocking FreeTether quite nicely for mobile TP even our Pre's seem a little better today.

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    No. I wanted an iPad or a MacBook Air.
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    I was hoping to get one for Christmas. I was planning on replacing my Sprint Pre- during that time frame, but wanted to still be an active user.
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    My husband and I are both Android fans, both gadget geeks, but we didn't agree on one thing: tablets. i wanted one, he didn't. I wasn't going to be picky, but I couldn't even really entertain a tablet at the price point they were at. They were just the "thing to covet" for me. My husband thought it was pointless, together we have two Android phones, 2 work laptops, 1 personal laptop, 2 desktops, and a media center. When the firesale happened (on our honeymoon i might add!!), I came out of the bedroom when he asked me "Do you want an HP TouchPad?" ...with how much he knew i'd wanted a tablet, and how many times he told me i was being ridiculous, i literally asked him if it was a trick question. We now each have a 32gb TP and HE spends more time on it than I do! But we both love it.

    So, the answer is not really, but hooray for firesale!!!
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    Never thought of buying a tablet because of the price, no other reason. If money was no object I would have bought the ipad2, but that was before I knew about webos. That's the saddest part - most people didn't even know how awesome webos is or even that it existed. That's the power Apple has over people.

    I really enjoy using this OS and it is a shame that it might never live up to its potential. I really do prefer it to Apple's IOS and I am an iphone4 owner.
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    Yes. The main things holding me back were lack of a native office suite that could handle Microsoft Office files. So, while I could live without RDP (something I'd wanted for the two years I had my Pre), I'd decided to hold off on a TouchPad until QuickOffice or another competitor came through.

    Up until the discontinuation of the TouchPad, I'd been leaning towards an Opal device and buying the Lenovo ThinkPad tablet for a 10.1" machine. While there's still a lot the TouchPad lacks compared to the ThinkPad tablet, I'm not finding myself broken hearted, and have been happy with my 32 GB TouchPad.
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    I was anxiously awaiting the Touchpad after seeing the intro presentation last year. I was all over it until they announced the price without a bevy of big time developers on the App Store. I was ready to buy one after they reduced the price to $399 since that's what I paid for my Iconia, but then the firesale happened. I now own two tablets The Iconia and the TP
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