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    I don't see the point of tablets, just glorified smartphones. $500/600 is a ridiculous price to pay for something as limited as what they do, apps or not.

    edit: I did try to get on during the Staples $300 snafu, but there are no Staples around here, and BB wouldn't price match.

    However, at $150, the TP has exceeded my expectations, I really think webOS works better on a bigger screen, but it still needs a lot of work under the hood.

    I think once the HW actually becomes more powerful, as in like a laptop, my opinion will improve, but for right now tablets still seem in their infancy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NealJ777 View Post
    Pretty much... Ditto.

    I had no intention of buying any tablet. Yes, I wanted one, but I could think of other uses for $500-$700. I already have two PCs (one my wife uses), a laptop, and an iPod Touch 4G.

    I'm happy with my TouchPad and webOS is growing on me. I don't think I'll be so fast to put Android on it unless it's dual boot.

    I am in the same boat. Always wanted an android tablet but would never spend $500 on one. For that price the 4" screen on my EVO was good enough to surf the web from my couch. When I got my touchpad I figured it would do for surfing the web until I could port over android. I find myself liking webOS but with the lack of application and development support I still want to port android even if it is not dual boot.
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    I had no intention of buying a ThinkPad (previously questioned the platform's viability) and probably no tablet at $500. I already have a really lightweight laptop and full-featured Android smartphone, so the tablet formfactor just didn't seem worth the investment.

    But at the $99 pricepoint it was an easy purchase.
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    I wanted an Ipad or Android tablet. Prior to the firesale, I was considering the Vizio tablet or the $250 Archos tablet.
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    I planned to purchase a Touchpad eventually but I wanted the buy the Pre3 first. I almost jumped when the staples deal came out but my priority was a new phone. My Pre- was really starting to show its age. Now I've got a Touchpad and a Pre2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rbrusuelas View Post
    I had no intention of buying a ThinkPad (previously questioned the platform's viability) and probably no tablet at $500. I already have a really lightweight laptop and full-featured Android smartphone, so the tablet formfactor just didn't seem worth the investment.

    But at the $99 pricepoint it was an easy purchase.
    HP made ThinkPads???
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    HP made ThinkPads???
    I'm certain he meant Touchpad.
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    I planned on buying one for myself for Christmas. Now I would like to buy another 32g for my hubby
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    Was looking to buy a tablet, but not specifically the touchpad, most likely some form of cheap Android. The $99 price made this the obvious choice.
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    I wasn't really considering it. I looked at it, thought it was kinda overpriced. I knew it's app store would be sort of barren. I wanted a tablet, but I couldn't see paying $600 for one. Heard about the drop, saw the price, figured it would be hacked to android soon enough, and bought one.

    Mostly happy with it. Does what I want. Well worth what I paid for it.
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    Used to have pre, when they first came i have gone to ios, to android for my phone. I had an asus transformer, but bought the touchpad cause I figured I used to like webos, and if i didnt like i could sell it...Long story short, after adding all the patches and kernel (which is also required on the transformer for smooth use by the way) I love it, and now I might switch everything back to webos...I don't know, I like android on the phone, but it sucks on tablets...very unpolished and annoying...Anyways, its nice to see that preware is still going strong after all this time...Seriously, this is my first post in years..never thought i'd be come full circle back to these forums someday..but seriously, the ipad and touchpad size is perfect..the larger screens are too much...the touchpad is a great device for a tablet..does what it needs to do without a bunch of extras that just take up your time...glad i came back to webos
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    I hadn't actually planned to purchase one until around the holidays, since I had seen that they would offer sales ( like the $100 off from HP, plus the extra 100$ off from Staples) and figured that would be the best time to find awesome prices. Plus, I had literally just bought an HP Veer (off ebay for 150), so I wasn't planning on spending 500-600$ on any more electronics. But the price was way too good to pass and up and I ended up with a Touchpad months sooner than I had planned! So yeah, I had interest in webos and TP well before the firesale.
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    Didnt even consider it. Got fed up with HPs "coming soon" announcements and jumped ship to android when by pre started giving up the will to live. The 85 touchpad is cheap enough to be a toy and thats all a tablet is to me. Enjoying looking at all the homebrew apps and patches again like the phone 2 years ago ! I'll probably play for a couple of months and then the TP will become a digital photo frame that my Mrs uses for occasional internet browsing. I love webos but it's something phone sized I need.
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    No, if it were no firesale I would never have bought TP.

    WebOS kind of fun but for all my "tablet needs" I've got Galaxy 10.1.

    My HP touchpad is sitting on touchstone as email, skype, photo frames... sometimes as local radio thingy.
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    I wasn't planning on getting any tablet. I bought this one on the fire sale because I figured that at least it was a known company and, for the price, would provide something suitable for couch browsing that wasn't some strange off-brand made from gum wrappers and plexiglass.

    I haven't regretted my choice and very much enjoy it but, if it broke tomorrow, I don't know that I'd buy another* and sink a total of $300 (32 gb) into owning the thing. It's just a luxury toy for me and I have a "real" desktop for my "real" computing.

    *even if I was able to
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    I honestly had no intention of buying any tablet for at least another year or so until they became faster and cheaper. The fact that it was a touchpad had absolutely nothing to do with my decision to buy one because at $99, I would have picked up just about any tablet that accessed the internet, checked email, had an e-reader, and can play video. The extras outside of that are just a plus and really don't come into play until I am ready to throw down $400+
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    I was waiting for the 7" version. But I have the 32gb touchpad.
    Only problem I'm having is I'm having to post this using my laptop as when trying to log into this site on my touchpad it takes my details and thanks me then nothing, when the page reloads my account is no longer logged in.

    But great tablet. shame it's not 7"
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    I didn't really intend to buy a tablet for at least a year. I have upgraded a lot of electronics this year (laptop, phone, full home theater system) so I really wasn't looking to buy more stuff this year. I have been reading the tablet reviews and had a preliminary list of specs I wanted but since I figured most of the products out now wouldn't be around when I did purchase I really no idea of what I would eventually be getting.

    Preliminary list of specs were:
    Not an iOS device (refuse to buy Apple ever)
    9-10 inch screen
    Dual Core processor
    SD Card slot
    min 32gb
    Ability to hook up USB storage

    In all honesty I hadn't been following the WebOS development that closely. I am an old school Palm user from back in the day but haven't had anything recently. When I found out about the sale I took a crash course in "WebOS" and read lots of reviews and viewed some You Tube demos before ordering. I decided that a $150 I could forgo the SD card slot and USB storage with the 50gb account (although with with the 100mb restriction I don't know how useful that will be).

    Now I am excited to see what this puppy can do... if HP SMB ever gets off their behinds and sends it to me. There were a lot of WebOS features I am interested in.
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    Girlfriend got an IPAD for work, so i was using that quite often while at home, fell in love with the tablet since then, then when she would travel she would use it, and if we were traveling together, it was all hers, so thats when i went on my hunt for a tablet, and came across an article talking about a firesale and since that saturday Ive been looking for the TP and found 2, one is a 32 gig and the other is a 16gig, which I am no uploading a few movies on to for my trip at the end of week, thank goodness i found that 32gig, cause it def will be getting used. lol
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