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    I had no desire of getting any tablet. I had played/set up my boss' iPad 2 and, while I was impressed, I saw no reason why I would need one, especially at the prices you have to pay for a decent Android tablet.

    When the Touchpad sale started I randomly decided to get one. I've used it a lot more than I expected to.
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    I was waiting for opal (7 inch tablet) as well. I love my 16gb but would like the smaller form factor for work
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    Had the Pre+ from Verizon since launch day and just about jumped on the TouchPad when they dropped it to $399...had it in the cart on Amazon. I already have an iPad2 and just could not pull the trigger, I figured since they cut $100 off, maybe they would cut some more. Boy was I right! Just didn't think it would happen in the fashion it did.

    I ended up ordering a couple on the HP SMB site and am still waiting to hear a definitive ship date, but I was lucky enough to score a demo unit from my local Walmart and love it!

    Ordered 1 32Gb TouchPad on 8-20-11 @ 4:25pm EDT. P/O# 43839XX HP Order# 0305395XX reassigned to HP Order# 035751XX. Received email on 9-2-11 for delivery in 2 weeks. SHIPPED 9-19-11.

    Ordered 1 32Gb TouchPad on 8-21-11 @ 10:16pm EDT. P/O# 44305XX HP Order# 0305569XX. Received email on 9-7-11 for delivery in 6-8 weeks.

    Picked up a 32Gb TouchPad Demo unit from Walmart on 8-30-11 after much negotiation...and Love it!
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    No interest before and while I like my touchpad, I still can't see why I'd pay for a tablet at full price. So unless someone else has a firesale on their tablets or 89 becomes the standard price, this is my first and last.
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    I had been anxiously awaiting release of new webOS phone for sprint since my Pixi was no longer functioning and I went with a used htc hero so as not to use my upgrade. I was also excited about the idea of getting a tablet and was waiting for the touchpad release. Once it came out I saw it at Sam's club for about $75 more than the iPad. I thought that was too much and was waiting for a price reduction. Did not expect it to drop that much.
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    Had no desire to get one. But at those prices, I was able to get a few as gifts. That was my original intent but seeing what they were selling for, I just sold them instead. I'll be able to buy other gifts instead.

    I even got rid of the one i kept for personal use. It was fun to use for a day or two but not worth keeping knowing what they're reselling for.
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    I had the ipad1 and lovef it and sold it for almost what i paid for it as an apple refurb a week before the ipad2 came out and was in line to buy the ipad2 at bestbuy the day they got them in with 18 month same as cash. Will sell it for the ipad3. The hp tp wasnt even on my radar and i could have cared less UNTIL i read about this crazy firesale that hp was having. I thought what a screwed up company to dump a product a month after its introduction. So i fot a 32 gb for 150 at, patched, oc'd and its well worth it.
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    Long time Palm user- skipped the pre when the hardware that came out was such crap, but still wanted to get webOS, especially as I have watched first hand with my droid x how the android market has fragmented, and updates from google break things on devices.

    I think if anyone wants to compete with Apple, they need to own both the soft and hard aspects - and I am deeply concerned that they are splitting up the software div. from hardware at HP.

    I was close to getting the tp when staples discounted them early august. I think my concern still is that there are some nice apps on the ipad that will never make it over. Not the stupid fart apps - and Netflix I could care less as I dropped streaming- but something like Cablevisions iPad app that allows you to watch tv when at home - that is cool, and potentially better than sling, and certainly better priced.

    I too was sort of holding out for the 7" version - too bad we'll never see that.

    And like others here- I could not understand paying $700 for an ipad, when I can buy a lap top for that much, and that is even close to the price of an mac book air
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    I planned to get a tablet, but there's no way it would have been the Touchpad. I was waiting for the Transformer 2 or iPad 3 to come along.
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    I was never really in the market for one. I had an Ipod touch for portability and a laptop so I just never saw the need for one. Tablets seem to small to do any real kind of work and too big to stick in my pocket. However now that i have one I spend a lot of time on it. I still wouldn't pay more the $200 for any tablet. At $99? Well the chase was fun and i was lucky to get from Amazon during a lightning sale in which they sold out in like 15 minutes. Its a fun toy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jenn0591 View Post
    Had no desire to get one. But at those prices, I was able to get a few as gifts. That was my original intent but seeing what they were selling for, I just sold them instead. I'll be able to buy other gifts instead.

    I even got rid of the one i kept for personal use. It was fun to use for a day or two but not worth keeping knowing what they're reselling for.
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    When the first iPad came out I thought it was pretty silly. I couldn't understand why anyone would spend that much for such limited functionality. Once Google got into the game and prices began to drop I figured once I could get something decent below $200 I'd jump in.

    Additionally with the problems I had with a pair of HP laptops I had swore that I'd never buy another piece of HP hardware, so no, the Touchpad was never on my radar. Then one morning I saw an article that HP had killed it after just a few weeks, and clicked on it just to gloat. In the comments I saw that Wally-World was blowing them, out at $99 & $149, and figured at that price I'd grab one for each of the family members, confident that there would be a Droid port on the way.

    After a few weeks of tweaking I'm not 100% sure I'll port. It just depends on how the Webos DVs respond between now and then.
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    I planned to buy one late on after I upgraded my Palm Pre on Sprint. However that never happened and when the price dropped to an affordable level, I pounced on one. I now wish I had picked a couple more at that price. That is the price it should be selling for. It doesn't have all of the functionality which a laptop has. I bought a couple of keyboards, one case (not HP's because I couldn't get my hands on one, but found one better) and a couple of Docking/touchstones so I can use it at work and home. So all in all I probably spent about $400 on everything which is equivalent to a cheap laptop. There are lots of limitations because of the lack of applications for it, but for $150 for the 32GB version, in my opinion it was worth it, especially since I could get one sooner than later. Lots of bluetooth and wireless features are needed. Wireless display, multiple bluetooth connectivity (network sharing, file sharing, etc). I just hope the homebrew community continues to improve webOS and to add applications for it.
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    No. Netbook user here.
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    No plans to buy one (bought, and returned about two months later, original Pre), but bought one at firesale for FinnBoy.
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    I was actually thinking of buying one a few days before HP announced they were going to discontinue making hardware for WebOS. I already had a Toshiba Thrive and NOOK Color but I was curious about WebOS and wanted to try it out and perhaps try to learn how to write some apps for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by imisim View Post
    Never consider the touchpad. I bought it due to the firesale, and talk of able to port it to Android in the future.
    Pretty much... Ditto.

    I had no intention of buying any tablet. Yes, I wanted one, but I could think of other uses for $500-$700. I already have two PCs (one my wife uses), a laptop, and an iPod Touch 4G.

    I'm happy with my TouchPad and webOS is growing on me. I don't think I'll be so fast to put Android on it unless it's dual boot.

    Quote Originally Posted by CaCHooKa Man View Post
    ...and wasn't able to snag one until last week using the Staples Kiosk trick. ...
    What's the "Staples Kiosk Trick"??
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    Being a longtime Palm fan, of course I was interested in a touchpad....until I saw the price, that is.

    When I heard HP was going out of the hardware business, I posted on Business Insider that I would eventually pick up a clearance/used touchpad when the price came down to about $150. Literally, 15 minuets after that post, I found out about the firesale on precentral and ordered 2 from HP with little hesitation...
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    I fully intended on purchasing a Touchpad, but I was holding out for the 64 gig version with 3G. I really really wanted the GPS chip.

    I have a (dying) Palm Pre minus I got back in days of yore, I have always been a Palm fan and I love WebOS. I got a 32 gig Touchpad due to the fire sale price price and the fact that the 64 gig version is probably never going to be available.
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    I have a VZW Pre Plus, wife has a Pre 2 that replaced her Pixi Plus (she also enjoys her nook color).

    Wanted TP from beginning but was waiting for competitive pricing. Tried to snag $300 16gb at Staples a few weeks back and would have eventually bought one at some point before Christmas.

    Was thrilled to get a $99 16gb at BJs and I love it.

    So far happy with 3.0.2 update, but I fully intend to install Preware (just haven't taken the time yet).

    Preware rocks my Pre+.

    I'm on the hp list for next round as I'm fighting my kids (11 yr old boy and 7 yr old girl) over touchpad time constantly.
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