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    Quote Originally Posted by doctj View Post
    Set your email notifications to vibrate till HP issues a fix. I haven't lost sound since doing that over a month ago.
    An audible email notification is my sole reason for using sound - disabling the audible notification is not much different to the current situation where it stops working anyway!

    If Flash didn't crash the browser so regularly ( becomes impossible to access after just a few articles with Flash enabled, meaning it has to be disabled permanently) then I'd probably have more reason to use sound.

    I'd be really ****ed if I'd paid full price for the Touchpad, I really would. But for 120 (32GB) I'll happily give it (and HP) a bit more time. But not much more.
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    As much as I love my TouchPad (to the point where I'd rather have a buggy WebOS experience as opposed to a less buggy iOS/Android experience), there's definitely some stuff wrong with it.

    My main issue is the sound bug, which hits me hard. Thankfully, I just keep the call window open and call up Skype's Echo test which usually fixes it... untill it breaks again. I would love to see this fixed ASAP.

    The brower is underwhelming and often stalls on some webpages. I TOTALLY love it when it has that unfocused view and never actually leaves it... this doesn't happen THAT often, but it happens often enough that it gets on my nerves.

    Lag isn't very common and even then it isn't very bad, but I would like to see some of it fixed. My main issues here is scrolling lag (terribly obvious in the default music app) along with the oddly sensitive screen rotation; I would pick up the TP and adjust it according to its current orientation... which makes it flip and in turn I try to compensate which makes it flip again and so on and so on...

    Lastly, while this probably isn't a big deal, I REALLY dislike how responding to Google Voice e-mails doesn't work right on here. It worked just fine with my Palm Pre Plus, so why doesn't it work here?

    Every tech product has bugs, lag, and glitchiness though; you should ask some of my friends about the bugginess and stability of iOS and you'll hear that it isn't exactly near perfect either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geeksquadkid View Post
    start up speed? Mine takes a minute tops. Have none of you owned a pre? Try out the start up time on that
    Lol, sad but true.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arcturos View Post
    Am I the only one that keeps getting random reboots? I will be doing something or trying to open an app and all of sudden that lovely little hp logo will come on and i have wait for it to restart.

    Because that is my #1 problem...

    To be perfectly honest, i really don't have many complaints beyond that. Then again this is my first tablet and i was planning on getting a touchpad eventually before HP discontinued them. that just moved up my time table.
    I am random reboot free. Wish I had some advice beyond the basics. Maybe a clean start by Doctoring would help.

    Quote Originally Posted by tungsten C View Post
    Number 1 (ONE) issue manufacture abandoned the product.
    Very sad but very true.

    Quote Originally Posted by jenn0591 View Post
    Copy n paste. This was downright annoying. Copying is ok i suppose. But pasting was another story. Maybe i wasn't doing that correctly but I'd tap and hold for paste button to come up and then it'd disappear.
    I've had the same thing happen, super annoying.
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    good thread. The browser is super slow compared to Safari on the iPad. The slowness aside, the caching is horrible. This forum and most others need constant refreshing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphajoe View Post
    Proof? What kind of websites do you regularly visit to not notice broken pages?! Here's a list of plenty websites (which include facebook and google): Problematic websites in webOS 3.0.2 TouchPad Brows... - Support Community (I hope linking to the official HP support forum is allowed here - if not please let me know).
    This guy must have not visited MSNBC.COM. That site is all jacked up.
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    any effort from any party to port either opera or firefox to webOS? webOS internals? This would greatly improve the experiences.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jenn0591 View Post
    Copy n paste. This was downright annoying. Copying is ok i suppose. But pasting was another story. Maybe i wasn't doing that correctly but I'd tap and hold for paste button to come up and then it'd disappear.
    This was annoying me too, until I realized something. Multitouch. Hold down your finger on the area you want to paste. When the paste box pops up keep holding down your finger and press the paste box with one of your other fingers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cobrakon View Post
    1) Proof or be flagged. I have YET to find a personal or business site that doesn't work on the TPad. I have 26 pages added as "apps" to my launcher (all a .com 'app' is on ipad)

    2) This is an app compatibility issue. I have gone through my apps and weeded out older ones that had poor notifications implemented and I have not had the problem in weeks. The same with the memory leaking apps, I don't use those either. In the same vane I know apps from App Store that can crash an ipad *every* single time its used. All platforms have poorly coded apps.

    3) Under a minute?? Really? They cut the time by 50-80% of what it was. If your TPad is taking longer than 1 minute than you've borked the system with a patch or app.

    Oh man, come on, the browser is bad...really bad. Like the other poster, I have major issues with the state of the browser and it's functionality. Caching and overall performance are my biggest gripes, but even things like text formatting are a bit lacking.

    Lets not look at the world through HP blue shaded glasses, it's a pretty common opinion that the browser has some, shall we say, deficiencies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    Let's see, my three biggest problems are:

    1) Browser - we hear a lot of "what do you need apps for? use the browser?" - well the browser sucks. It's just about functional and lacks basic features for a browser in 2011 going into 2012. The cache problem is a big issues as are others.

    2) Loss of sound - this is really starting to bug me - the sound just dies, which means that a reboot is needed and that leads to...

    as for the gmail stuff - that would be fixable if we could simply spoof the ipad user-string and use that on the web - however, nobody seems to be able to do that at present....
    Mine's not slow at all starting up, did you OC and run all the top 10 patches?

    The Screen dimming is annoying, enough to make me consider going back to 3.0. I don't have any boot up speed issues at all compared to the way it was before.

    Give the Browser time, I mean the thing is new after all, and well, it's disco'd too, LOL
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    I actually really like my Touchpad, my only problem (having performed log cleanup and over-clocking to 1.5GHz) is lack of connectivity when I'm away from my WiFi.

    I need one (and I would settle for one) of the following to happen

    Ad-hoc wifi support
    Bluetooth PAN
    Bluetooth DUN

    With one of those my touchpad would be perfect
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    Websites with floating headers and footers don't scroll properly, and viewing those pages is a nightmare on the touchpad browser.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tptp View Post
    i'm guessing most of the folks did not upgrade to webOs3.0.2 and overclock their touchpad,turn off logging, apply other patches for scrolling etc. Research the forums for more info.
    For the price i paid for my TP and the awesome webos community..i would not whine if i were you.
    And that's the problem. An end user should not have to do all that to get the device working well or just decently.

    Lets face it, you need 1.5GHz dual-core to make webOS 3.0.2 run decent--still not super snappy. the iPad 2 is still faster and it is running at 900MHz dual-core, and many of the Tegra 2 Android tablets are faster running at 1GHz dual-core.

    There's an issue with the OS when it needs an extra 1GHz processing power to keep up with the competitors. . . or to even be truly functional and not freeze up & hang often.

    I hope the webOS team can put out a great update that greatly increases the speed of the OS but right now it's way too slow.
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    I agree with most of the "complaints" here. However, let me say this: $99/$149. If this thing didn't have these issues, the firesale would not have happened. Period.

    Is $99/$149 worth it even with these issues, to me it is.
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    Hard reset wifi 'fix'
    lack of blackboard support
    cannot connect to university-secured wifi
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    I can live with all mentioned problems except the one I am experiencing currently

    I can't get to purchase any apps on the HP catalog. Get this message

    "can't purchase the US govt prohibits HP from allowing you to purchase applications.

    Its a problem to a few TP owners including myself. The funny thing is HP is aware of this problem/bug but solving it takes weeks. I would have thought since they are already aware of this a fix would be available quickly to sort it out.
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    Are any of the people stating that lag is an issue running preware on their touchpads? There is a HUGE difference in speed with preware which all of you should already know. (With patches, overclocking even to 1.5, ETC). Just wondering, becasue there are patches to fix most of theis gripes.
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    A few of mine ...
    1. God awful browser
    * Could not log in to this site - after it confirmed login it just went back to login prompt. I had to log in from the main page.
    * Same with a number of sites including bestbuy rewardzone.
    * No search inside web page
    * Awful rendering of floating components
    * Almost impossible to select from dropdown menus in pages (you click on menu ... See the list but don't get a chance to select any items.
    * It takes up to 2 seconds for text to de-blur when existing browser cards are reopened
    * No options for per site privacy controls (white and black lists)
    * I don't think disabling flash from loading automatically actually works
    * Cache issues
    * Incompatibility with many html5 sites like gmail and google docs
    * No tabs so it takes too long to open a new card ... And then get too many cards error.
    * The browser does not re render when pinch zooming ... So it begins to exceed screen real estate and it becomes painful to scroll in all directions trying to read. Without zoom most pages just render poorly.
    * Kinetic scrolling is too slow to move to the top or bottom of a very long page.
    2. Email app
    * can anyone figure out how to paste a email address into TO field when composing a new email? I certainly cannot.
    * I prefer the email preview to be below the email list like it is in yahoo mail and gmail by default. I wish it were configurable at least. Having no flexibility is irritating.
    3. A generic dumbing down of the UI. Browser has like 6 options ... Email and messaging each have 3. There has to be some room for customization (like creating folders in the app launcher).
    4. Swiping up into cardspace while keyboard is open clicks on the keys also which is just irritating.
    5. Like others I just hate it that exhibition mode cannot be disabled. Have to power it off every time.
    6. App catalog takes forever to open sometimes.
    7. Keyboard needs arrow keys badly. Mistyping is also a big deal.

    I could go on for a while ... But still think it was worth it for the price.

    For the record I have all the recommended preware patches installed including 1.5ghz kernel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    With patches and overclocking which no user should have to do I still find the touchpad very laggy. Problem is I have used other OS like android and ios so I am use to things happening instantly. Of course if you only use Webos then you might be use to the slow responses so the tp seems snappy.
    When the iPad came out and the G1, both of the OS's were slow and laggy. MUCH more so then WebOS 3.0. The difference is Preware takes 2 seconds to install and is reccommended by easily EVERYONE on this thread or any WebOS user wheras the wait around for a iPhone jailbreak or Android root could be weeks or months. Just saying thought, most of these problems can be fixed very quickly. Its just people complaining to complain. So all these people with fixable issues that can be fixed with a patch but thing 'Oh, I shouldn't have to install preware or overclock', go ahead and keep using your slow a** touchpads.
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