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    I am sure many of you are very happy with your touchpad and after seeing how amazing it truly is... Are you going to buy more when the second wave hits?

    I am thinking of buying at least 1 more (a 32gb version for myself) and giving my current 16 gb to my dad.

    If there is not a cap wouldnt mind buying 1 or 2 more for the family.
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    I fully intend on buying a 16gb for my daughter. Even though she's too young to know what it is, if it gets broken, no biggie.

    she already plays with her grandpa's iPad, she should love this too.
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    Id like to have a spare, not sure if they will be releasing any of those second runs in Australia though.
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    I would like to get another one so my fiancÚ doesn't steal mine but we will see.
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    I'd buy a second one, but at the same time I'd rather they go to people yet to discover how awesome webOS is.

    I'm actually more interested in that story about how webOS runs faster on an ipad. I might be willing to buy a refurbished ipad if I could dual-boot it to webOS (WebOS most of the time, boot into iOS for select apps.) If my touchpad dies I wouldn't mind spending some real money on a new tablet, but I'd sure miss webOS.
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    I have reallllly come to love webOS.... id buy a few more if i could get my hands on them. Actually i have stopped using my iPad, and am considering looking for a veer depending on if the iphone 5 ends up with a larger screen or not.
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    I'm going to try my best to get one for my girlfriend so she stops stealing mine. First it was my pre+ now its my touchpad she's stealing
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    how about letting me get one first
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    I let my nephew use mine and he loved it so I will attempt to get one for him.
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    I would love a second one, but i havent even gotten a first one yet. Ive ordered 3, every one got cancelled and now its too late.
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    love may be too strong a word
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    If I can get through, i'll get a couple more.
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    I am planning to purchase one more TouchPad for my wife during the final "FireSale" in October. More importantly, I need to replace my Pre minus with a Pre3 for perfect compatibility (and Touch-to-Share) with the TouchPad.

    There is no news yet about the Pre3 coming to the U.S but whenever it comes, I will try to purchase the Pre3 on a "Pay-as-you-go" plan.

    If anyone in PreCentral has any more Pre3 information, please share ASAP.

    Thank you.
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    boy you guys certainly are optomistic about getting another Touchpad, considering how tough it was the first time around.
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    I would like to get another one... (not for selling for using) and I hope anyone here who wants another one is going to used it or give to family to use it

    NOT TO SELL !!!! since our family here (precentral) still needs some
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    Im hopeing to get my Dad one.
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    it does what it does so well, but do need to be able to run Google App in some sort of limited way, and I would be very happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
    boy you guys certainly are optomistic about getting another Touchpad, considering how tough it was the first time around.
    Exactly! I thought I'd be able to pick up three after the announcement, waited a bit before I started to actually look around for them, and by then, they were gone.

    I picked up a 32gb on ebay for a decent price, and if I have a shot at a second direct through HP, would definitely do that, and either keep as a spare, or likely provide to my wife or kids instead of having the hassle of a portable dvd player in the car, and which disc to choose from.

    But lets be realistic - if they actually sold 800k of them that quickly, how long will 200k last?
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    I've definitely fallen in love with the tablet experience, but the Touchpad? Not really.

    I could live with the slowness, occasional freezing and apps that stop working.

    What I CAN'T live with is how few quality apps there are, and how few apps there are in total. The app-catalogue is a deserted, western town, complete with tumbleweed and all, next to the Android market.

    I was originally hoping to enjoy webOS for the time being, and maybe eventually put an Android port on it, but I like having a tablet so much, that I've started to look at the Android tabs available, and will hopefully order one this week!
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    I'm hoping to get another one. Not so much because I'm in love with it, but because it's a hell of a deal. Hoping to get one for the wife. Perfect for couch surfing.
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