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    I bought a 32gb on ebay and would love to pick up another for my girlfriend so I don't have to share anymore.
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    I impressed an Iphone user who use to make fun of me for having a Pre- when he saw me making phone calls on my TP through my phone!

    I would love to get my hands on the white 64gb TP. There's a bunch on sale on Ebay!
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    I would love to get one more for my fiance.. He started talking about wanting to get a tablet over a month ago and then I came home with a firesale TP for myself. I have a hard time sharing my gadgets.. But I know my chances are slim, since it took me over a week to find one and I had to pay a premium to Aaron's.
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    I doubt it. I have a extra one doing nothing already. I really just want a pre 3
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwcrossman View Post
    I bought a 32gb on ebay and would love to pick up another for my girlfriend so I don't have to shave anymore.
    Please explain this... was mine supposed to come with something that shaves for me? Did I get ripped off?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew025 View Post
    Please explain this... was mine supposed to come with something that shaves for me? Did I get ripped off?
    You use the edges around the speaker cutouts for shaving.
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    i'm already buyin a new one!a 64gb version. The 16gb that I'm using now is going to be for my brother. I really fell in love with webOS, since I also abandoned an HTC Desire HD for a Pre3!

    ...I really hope that it's not going to die!
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    I have used my Touchpad 32 for a little over a week and I picked up a second 32GB NIB yesterday as a backup; can't beat that $149.99 price......sure, you can still find them around Chicago in early September..! I plan on joining the local webOS user group which I believe is the largest one in the country....
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    Given that they will only be selling about 10 to 20% of the number that was sold out in a weekend, I think that any of us would be lucky to pick up another one in the second wave...especially since so many more people are aware of the eBay value.

    That said, if I have the opportunity, I will definitely do so...and not for resale. The three that I have are being used by my family and I have a couple of friends who also wanted one. If my outstanding order with CC or one of my "notify me" submissions on HP results in another opportunity, I am on it...but my expectations are limited.

    Frankly, I am also a little concerned about build quality in this second run given the tone of the production run.
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    Yes. I'll probably get a 32G to replace my 16G.
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    Maybe. If I can get a 32GB on the cheap(not from ebay), I can give the current one to my bro. I think we just have to give the market time to grow, there alot of developers that are skeptical about making apps for It but unlike Android where I have alot of free apps, I have been paying for all my apps(sometime large amounts). Hopefully we will see more quality ones and great HD games. I love the HD games in particular.
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    I'll buy another tablet for sure and it will be an Ipad X. I love tablets now, but now I want a REAL one, that's light and have real app support with proper cameras and gps.
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    I could probably go for another, as a backup if something goes wrong. But they're hard to find and I really can't see investing the time and/or extra cash given that. Kind of the wrong time to buy a backup, supply is low and demand still relatively high. Guess if something does go wrong I'll see what I can find on ebay when the time comes.
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    I ordered my first one on for only $84 plus tax.(shipping was free)

    IMHO, that's the best $84 I've spent in the last 5 years.

    Dinner for two at a nice restaurnt cost way more than $84, if you include wine... but no guarantee of breakfast. (hint, hint)

    7 dozen Heinekin beers cost a little more than $84 but gives you a major hangover. No thank you.

    A full tank of gas for my truck, plus two bags of chips & a coke cost $80....

    HP's Touchpad 2-year extended warranty(with ADH) cost $179. No way, just get a spare

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    I want two. One for my brother. One for whenever mine kicks the bucket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sukiyaki View Post
    One for whenever mine kicks the bucket.
    on my iPad, I have an app that literally kicks the bucket. (i.e. when activated,
    my iPad plays dead, so I can avoid having to refuse to let someone borrow it)
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    According to HP UK their wont be anymore tablets coming to the UK for retail.
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    no, I have a launch day one and have no reason for a 2nd
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    I would love to pick up 2 more, one for my wife, and one for my dad.
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    I wouldn't mind picking up another one, especially at fire sale prices. I keep seeing other family members eyeing my precious tablet, so I know that I would have no problem finding a user for a second one.
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