So I had an iPad for my last job, and I bought a cheap Chinese android tablet before that (it was rubbish), but I just got my touchpad Saturday night and I must say that I love it more than the iPad I had!

First off, the keyboard is way better! Just having a number row on the top makes it superior, plus being able to change sizes and everything makes l the difference in the world.

ScummVM is great too, so major kudos to whoever ported it this fast. I've got all my favorite Lucasarts and Sierra adventure games loaded up and it's just amazing. (scummvm requires the iPad to be jailbroken last time I checked)

The kindle app has been great as well. I'm working on a solution to sideload books and not use the ghetto download a book and replace the file method... Stay tuned for that.

ComicShelf HD is nice too. Just a solid comic book reader, well worth the $2. Aftermath, Asphalt, Sparkle, and Quell are all solid games too. The only app that I'd really like to see is XBMC.

Plus the homebrew community is definitely the best out of all the major mobile OS communities. Flash plays great, speakers sound great, speed is great, apps are solid, and synergy is awesome too. The only thing I think that the iPad beats it on is the browser and maybe number of apps. But I am pretty satisfied with the current app selection. And iOS needs more apps just to get similar functionality that webOS comes with out of the box.

The biggest problem I've had with using the touchpad is I've been ignoring my pre, so everytime I go to use it I get thrown off by using webOS on the small screen again