I had a Touchpad several weeks before and had a lockup after about 1/3 of the progress bar when restoring my wife's webOS profile from a Pre-. After several hours of no progress, I reset it by holding down the power button, and got it to start the initialization process again. I tried the same thing, and again got the lockup. I reinitialized and this time I chose to NOT restore the profile this time. Everything was great and I got preware and several patches installed. Very happy.

...Then HP went psycho, I returned the Touchpad fearing the worst, and TP goes on sale 1 day later for $99. I have four separate orders go through and ALL get cancelled. I finally break-down and buy another on ebay.

Tonight I start it up and I AGAIN get the dreaded restore lock-up. This time, there were 2 profiles to choose from: My wife's Pre-, and the old TouchPad profile. I had chosen the old TouchPad profile.

Very frustrated.

The only stuff I had added to the old TP were Preware, Box.net, and patches for logging, unthrottling, and faster card animations. No overclocking. I think developer mode was enabled at the time of save on the old TP.

Any ideas? I don't mind starting a new profile, but have an itch to find the problem before using a work-around...