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    would you give your TP to a family member with preware on it?


    would you just reset/delete all of preware and associated apps and give it to them bonestock?

    some of the reason is so I'm not the tech support for anything prepare related,we do not live together so its not like Ivan walk downstairs and fix it.
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    <3 autocorrect. If you think they're that clueless already, you'll be signing up for tech support regardless..
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    I would set up the tablet with the appropriate patches and tweaks before giving it to a family member. Mainly just because they wouldn't know how to do it but would find using the TP a more enjoyable experience with it.
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    I would just give it to them stock, let them have the fun and the feeling of accomplishment when they discover and use homebrew on their brand new TouchPad!
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    Hey is probably in a position like I am with my mom. I only scored one tp and promised it to her. It has been sitting in the box for a week. I am going to over clock it and give it to her as she will not know the difference. Now I just wish I could score one for my self.

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    I'm debating to do the exact same thing! The real question is what happens when a webOS update for the TP comes around?? What will they need to do then?

    I'll prob OC and tweak them before I ship them off. They'll absolutely never do it I don't do it for them...
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    thirsy1258 you are on a dif situation, I guess in a case like that I would do the same, my mom would never know her TPad is overclocked
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    Yeah it sux but I have smart phones and a decent pc In The house. So I would feel bad keeping it. I'm praying my order comes through but that is a whole other story. I would update it oc it and do what ever to it before sending it as long as they would not need to keep tweaking on the fly. My mom would not know the difference.

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    The answer is simple. Give it to them stock, then after they create their new webOS profile, make sure the first app they download is Preware Homebrew Documentation:

    That way you don't have to act as tech support, since the app will do all the explaining for them. If they have a question, point them right back to the app.

    Problem solved
    At least, that's how I would handle it.

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