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    Ok after several resets and after doctoring my touchpad has died. The problem started with every 20mins it would freeze and reset and get hung at the reset. This last time it reset on its own and required me to reenter all my stuff. Then rebooted and all was gone. Tried to doctor and doc wouldn't work. Called hp butler service and they walked me through and told what was going on and all.

    They are sending me a box to send back to be repaired free of charge since still under warranty. This just after buying a wireless router so not to over use pres freetether.

    Forgot to ask if anyone has had to do this. Did they send a refurb or fix yours?
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    had the same problem, but the doctor seemed to solve it for me...
    I tried to call the butler, but all i got was a lady that barely spoke english and didnt understand a word i was saying, so i gave up on that.

    i still get a lot a random re-boots but at least it works most of the time now. And i dont have to go through setup everytime it comes on.
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    That sucks...really. Thankfully, warranty is available with it less then 1yr old. Sorli...

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