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    Well I just set up 4 different tablets for friends/relatives. On every one, gmail accounts worked fine in the email app. On one, however, the only side tab menu that appears is "Favorites" with "Inbox"...There is no Google dropdown that shows me All mail, trash, custom folders/labels, etc. It renders the email useless to me. Pleeeeaaase help me get this fixed, I know its not the account because I tried it with my gmail account and it does the same thing, only shows favorites, even though it shows all the folders on my touchpad. The problem seems to be with the app but I see no settings that would get rid of the entire main Google folder!
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    Ok so you know what? Nevermind because all I apparently had to do was send the account a test email (even though there was tons of mail in it already), and it seemed to now activate the previously lost Google dropdown. Very odd, I'll leave the post in case anyone needs a solution to the same issue.

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