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    I have another data point. Constant dropouts with a netgear wnr2000. Was planning to upgrade prior to the tp buy anyways. Bought a linksys e2000 running latest fw and not one drop. Just added an asus rt-n13 as a repeater in the mix and no problems.
    and the netgear did work if I set the speed to 54mbs (I'm guessing this is b/g mode) but that was not an acceptable answer.
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    There is some possible truth to this. Some problems could very well be coming from routers. Also it could be other factors such as environment if people have a lot of other wireless hotspots around them.

    I did some looking into the D-link DIR-655 and found that wireless drops have been a problem with that particular model using 802.11n for quite some time with other devices. A lot of it stems from their latest firmwares(1.3x+) being extremely buggy which is why I personally wont update mine past 1.21. Had been using 1.11 which has been very stable for quite some time on my own DIR-655 before upgrading to 1.21 recently.
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