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    So I installed F15C right when I got the touchpad and it was OC'd and working fine. Then my touchpad auto updated the OS.

    I noticed the ripple effect was back and that I needed to update all my tweaks I had downloaded and when I tried to update F15C, I got an error and now it apparently isnt installed at all (cant find it under installed packages)

    And when I try to re install I get an error and it telling me to check the log. How can I get this back to overclocked?
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    Dr it to 3.02 from scratch and then overclock
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    looking at the log, all the errors are under

    Postinst. It says kernal is compatible with this version of OS but then every single verification fails

    and at the bottom of postinst it says "Device kernal is not in factory condition, refusing to install replacement"
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    try installing the default kernal in preware?

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