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    So HP told me to send in my touchpad (JUST got it) because the LED light at the bottom lights up when plugged in, but it never turns on. They did the hold the on button, volume up, and home screen, then on button and push home screen 15x etc.

    She told me that the tp is not recognizing that it is plugged in, but the LED light is on???

    They also had me twist the plug-nothing.

    It's been plugged in all night with LED light. Every once in a while I can get a battery with a question mark in it to pop up, but nothing more than that.

    Help? I don't want to send it in. All my family got one at the same time and of course, theirs work and my does not.
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    Looks like it's not recognizing the battery. Older webOS devices didn't boot without a recognized battery. Seems it's the same for the TP.
    Sorry but I would send it in.
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    My girlfriends plug (cylinder part) wasn't working properly when she got hers too. I twisted it a little by the two prongs (theres a slight play for you to twist) and it worked after that. Try it again and plug it in. The led should light up and then thereafter the screen should show a drained battery while its charging.

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