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    i bought a touchpad the other week and create an hp webos account , i have just also bought a pre3 but if i add a contact on the touchpad or the pre3 it does not appear on the other device when i sync?? any ideas

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    Are you using Palm/webOS profile to store your contacts? There is no syncing whatsoever between devices in your profile. If you wish to keep your contact synced between your devices, then you need to use either Hotmail, Google or Yahoo to store your contacts. That wa anychanges you make on one device, will reflect on the other.

    EDIT: As per boyblueeye's post below, I stand corrected regarding syncing between devices in your profile. But even then, considering the uncertainity of HP's long term support of webOS and the profile servers, my advice would be to switch to a cloud service for saving your contact and calendar information.
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    the contacts will snyc(once and only every time you press the buttom) but you need to press the sync button on the device that you wish to sync from. if you open contacts tap on contacts (top left) tap pref & accounts make sure they both have the same default account then click on sync now(botton right)
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    thanks i was going to use Palm/webOS profile and for example if i have 10 contacts on touchpad and 0 on pre3 then press syncronize on pre3 nothing at all happens an no contacts get imported, this is using the same webos account on both?

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    so can this be done on the tabler using webos, i have tried using a google account but when i add a contact on google itself it appears on phone and tablet, but if i create on on tablet it does not add to google account, any ideas?

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