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    Hey guys, I hope you can help me:

    I live in the Netherlands and will receive a Touchpad from the US somewhere next week. I was wondering though whether I should choose the UK or USA as my location.. I know these two have different app stores, and as far as I know the USA's is more extensive.

    I want to buy at least some paid apps. (the comic reader for example.) I do not have a credit card though. I know virtual credit cards exist, but I was wondering if I would be able to use them with the USA/UK app store. (I heard only USA CC's work with the USA app store..)

    Could anyone tell me a bit more about this? And which website I should use for the virtual CC?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    - Pazienza
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    I'm still waiting for mine too. From what i've read you will need a credit card just to get into the device, not sure about virtual credit cards though. U.S store does sound better though.
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    @Pazienza: I live in the Netherlands too and got my TouchPad this summer in the US while I was over there...
    I activated it UK (Engeland) to make sure I could use my Dutch creditcard for buying apps. Of course the prices are in GBR pounds, but that's no problem. Also the UK app catalog slightly differs from the US one, e.g. the Kindle app still isn't released here. Keep in mind that a Dutch creditcard won't work for buying apps in the US appstore..! So be careful when activating, since there's no way back when you do it wrong the first time..
    I'm not sure how it works with virtual credit cards though. For more answers on that try out the Dutch Palmclub as well I'm sure there are TP owners on the forum willing to help you..
    Good Luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by apeka53 View Post
    I activated it UK (Engeland) to make sure I could use my Dutch creditcard for buying apps.
    So, it's absolutely clear that Dutch credit cards work for buying apps on the UK app catalog? I assume you were using a Dutch address too?

    Does anyone know if other EU credit cards also work on the UK app catalog?

    I chatted with HP support yesterday, and they claimed that only UK credit cards/addresses would work. Since I'm personally hoping to be able to use a Swedish credit card, I'd be overjoyed if it turns out that they were wrong and that any EU credit card would work.
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    @ Apeka: Thank you very much for your reply!

    @ Stargazer: As far as I know all European CC's should work in the UK store. They do not work in the US store, however.
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