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    Longtime webOS user here in the US.

    I got my touchpad a few days ago and logged into my existing Palm Pre (sprint) profile. It started downloading my apps and then I opened the HP App Catalog to get some of these new apps.

    But the App catalog shows all the apps in Euros!

    Using impostah shows the "Check Access Country" as DE! (Germany!) Crazy.

    My palm pre shows US! So how is this happening!

    I bought my TouchPad from HP directly so I assume it is new.

    I have doctored my device back to 3.0 and that worked but somehow the 3.0.2 update seems to create the issue again.

    please help and I'm happy to provide any logs or information. But clearly the HP support staff can't help me..

    I did PM Calvin and he was prompt but I'm not sure I'm having the same issue other folks are having...

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    so after a few weeks ! - this was ultimately resolved by the HP team by a few calls to the WebOS butler service. They were nice - but I do wish they had been quicker. I missed all the 6 pack sales!
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