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    I am trying to CONVERT some .avi videos into mp4 files that are compatible with the Touchpad, but I have had no luck. I have tried Format Factory, Handbrake, and Any Video Converter Pro, but nothing has worked. All I get is a black screen and no audio. Bear in mind, this is for videos I converted from another format.

    Last night, I was able to successfully rip my Inception DVD into mp4 using WinXDVD and it plays perfect.

    Is there any way to CONVERT a video file to play on the Touchpad successfully, or am I stuck having to re-rip all of my DVD's into mp4? Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated!
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    I have converted all the original futurama episodes using the preset for handbrake here. My touchpad is still in the post though so not sure if it works. But others swear these settings work the best.
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    I use Badaboom on the iPad setting @2500K. I set the audio at 160K, and the preamp at +5. Handbrake works fine too, just use the iPad selection on the right. Stay BELOW 4000K bitrate on the video, and 160K or below on the audio. Resolution set to 1024x768 (or closest to) Or...... you could buy the Kalemsoft media player in the App Market. It's worth the $7 or $8. It plays pretty much anything you can throw at it, including 720p and 1080p .mkv video.
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    Thanks for such swift replies!

    I'm trying Badaboom right now with the settings you recommended. I'll post again once completed to let you know if it worked or not.
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    I really recommend you check out Kalemsoft Media Player: KalemSoft - Products

    Their latest version is free to download. Install it to your touchpad using webos quick install

    It plays avi's just fine, and it is much quicker to load videos and fast forward etc than the stock video player. NO LAG
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    As UCLAKoolman said, you should DEFINITELY look into KalemSoft's media player so you can play any format once you rip it.

    What started out as a painful, buggy process to view movies (especially HD) on the Touchpad has turned into a complete joy with their latest versions. Not only does it play most formats you can throw at it cleanly, you can even stream stuff with a little configuring and know-how.

    See my main thread here about Touchpad video issues, testing and the solutions we've found to get it working near perfect. And yes, .AVIs do play just fine for us now.
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    I have bought DVD Catalyst 4 from toolsformovies to convert files to work on the Touchpad. It has the HP with Touchpad choice for conversions. Cost $10

    Does DVD's, but have not checked for BluRays yet.

    It converts rather quick and I have no issues.

    However, I have downloaded Kalemsoft Demo and moving avi's and mkv to the touchpad (within the 2g limit) to test. Followup later.


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