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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    Well if it is for insurance purposes, then the answer is 89 - unless I wanted to get arrested for fraud.
    I better only Claim 115.99 for my 32gb then if it breaks
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    My TouchPad is priceless! I truly would not sell it at any price. (Well, maybe a million, but no less, and then I would buy another one from someone who does not value theirs as much).

    I had an iPad 64GB Wifi + 3G, and while it did great for some things, I sold it to get my TouchPad when I tested it in the store for Flash support where I wanted it. I LOVE webOS, and the webOS developers are tops.

    The TouchPad doesn't do everything yet that it is capable of doing, but I believe our developers will get us much closer and I am much happier with my TP than I ever was with my iP. Maybe it has to do with cheering for the under-dog, but I look at it as recognizing and cheering for a far superior OS. I have been a fan of webOS from the first moment I saw the demo in early 2009, and feel I have been "settling" with other OSs since then. I still have my original Pre, but service is so poor in my area that I mistakenly thought an Android would have better reception - not the case, but the side-sliding keyboard is easier for me to use for texting, which I do a lot of with my grandchildren.

    If we can get NDrive to successfully use a mobile wifi signal for location purposes, my dreams will be fulfilled. With the help of GuyfromNam, I was successful in becoming a beta tester for NDrive for webOS, and am working with them to find out why NDrive works with my home broadband wifi, but not with my Novatel Wireless MiFi 2372 with 3G wifi signal. I use the MiFi for wifi very succesfully on the road (even on Amtrak), so I am hopeful we can get NDrive to recognize the MiFi wifi signal location.

    BTW, I don't believe my TouchPad recognizes the mobile wifi signal from my MiFi either, because I have tested location services unsuccessfully on the road. Bing maps does not recognize my location, and neither do any of the other mapping apps from the TP app cat. I think I need to ask the developers to see if they can come up with a patch to allow TP to recognize mobile wifi signals or find out which mobile wifi does work with TP.
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    well, I bought it for 125 usd... 2 of them actually. At first I thought it was def worth at least 250 each, then after playing with preware and putting in the speed patches I'm amazed how fast this thing is. If not for the shortage of apps I would DEF prefer it over my iPad and Android phones. WebOS is the Ralph Nader of tablet OS's. I would value it now at 300 bucks... Which is the most I really think tablets should cost... I got my iPad for 350. But with the apps it was worth it.
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    Hmm. This is a toughy.

    I like my Touchpad a lot and it's become my primary tablet. This is no small feat given that I also have a 7" Galaxy Tab, an iPad 1 and a Hanspree Hannspad (a 10" Android cheapy that's quite Touchpad like in that it is far better than its price would suggest).

    Would I choose to sell it at the moment for any price? Hmmm. I'd probably take 250-300 quid, as I could decamp back to the iPad. Jailbroken and Multifl0wed as it is it's quite WebOSish in use (although the "cards" go vertically, not horizontally). I wouldn't choose to sell it, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tptp View Post
    Priceless. It's a keeper.
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    250-300. I would not sell it unless I really needed the money.
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    I value it a great deal. It's replaced my laptop and with the exception of video editing, my TP allows me to do everything my laptop could do.
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    I would say $300-350

    webOS is really growing on me too :-)
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    I value my TouchPad for what I paid for it: $450 for a 16GB (that would be tax with it). I am happy as can be and love it to death.
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    Pry it from my cold, dead fingers. Then you can have it!
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    Great question.

    To replace my last unit, wife and I traveled south 3 hours to Daytona Beach, waited in line for 2 hours in front of Best Buy with 60 other people, thank God receiving vouchers 45 and 46 (they had 50 total), waited another hour for the line to dwindle, and finally buying 2 TouchPad 32gb units (one each).

    Was it worth it, yes it sure was, but would I do it again. I like many, returned their original to Best Buy for full refund ($630+) thinking I'd find a replacement later and at significant discount. Two weeks went by, replacement orders with OnSale also a no go, and finally spoke with my local Best Buy mobile rep who referenced 33 units arriving in Tallahassee, FL (6 hours away) and 53 units arriving in Daytona Beach Saturday morning.

    Thankfully Best Buy Mobile knows when they and other stores will get units and my bud Pam at my local store gave us the insight to help make it happen. Thanks Pam and our new units aren't going anywhere! Sorli...
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    I would sell my 32gig Touchpad with the HP Case, Touchstone charger, and wireless keyboard for $900.00 US. My touchpad does everything so in-order for me to place it, i'd need a Android base Samsung galaxy....which will allow me to do everything I do on this Touchpad...
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    If I had to sell my 32Gb I'd accept $250.

    If it broke, would I replace it with another, even for $150? Given my current lack of disposable income, no, it is ultimately a toy right now.

    It is very useful and doubtless will be even more so in the future but technology marches on and I'd do without. But I would probably also feel I was missing out when all the devs really get the most out of the thing.

    The OH, who previously viewed it as 'just another gadget' has, however, become addicted to Flash games and the SNES emulator so I might buy her one as an excuse
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    Value for me is the cost to replace it. Since I have a 32g, I'd put the price at $325 new.
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    Replacement value at least $500.

    Sentimental: priceless

    Productivity... $0! I spend all my time on it and haven't been productive at all! LOL!!!
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    I think I'd only let my 32gb TouchPad go for an Asus Transformer 32 $500.

    The amount of effort I put in to get the TouchPad makes it extra special to me.
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    I was offered $275 for mine. I said no. I think I would THINK about selling it if someone offered me $500 or $600. But that's just thinking about it. Even if someone offered me $1,000, I would still have issues selling it.... or at least seller's remorse. :-O
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    Looking back, I never wanted one for $499. I went to 2 Staples, and unsuccessfully tried to get one for $299. I didn't want one for $399. I later got a promo code, said "what the heck" and bought it for $369. The next day HP made "the announcement," I didn't want it anymore, and I arranged to return it. Then they announced the firesale, and I got a price match for $99.

    So, if HP had long-term plans to support WebOS, I was willing to pay $369. If we went back in time, and you asked me how much I would be willing to pay in a fire sale.... I would say maybe $225. (I still don't know how they settled on $99, that's the same price as a TI-83 graphing calculator).

    Now that I actually have one, and have gotten used to owning it, what would you have to pay me to part with it? Probably $499 so I could get an iPad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by estebancam View Post
    I was offered $275 for mine. I said no. I think I would THINK about selling it if someone offered me $500 or $600. But that's just thinking about it. Even if someone offered me $1,000, I would still have issues selling it.... or at least seller's remorse. :-O
    Lol, I had a similar offer and I feel the same way about selling it

    Quote Originally Posted by tptp View Post
    Priceless. It's a keeper.
    And yes, I think like you too

    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    Pry it from my cold, dead fingers. Then you can have it!
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    I would say in the upper $350-450... The way I see it I should have never got one...

    It was just a random trip to best buy, on a random Thursday at lunch time and they just happened to unloading them...

    Now that I have it, I read my digital comics on it, surf the net like crazy, manage my emails... everything!
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