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    Been using my touchpad for about 2weeks now. After I installed the recommended patches everything worked great for a few days. Now it seems to have slowed down a bit. Is it possible that the patches have somehow stopped working? It's not an extreme slow down just seems to have more lag than when I first got it. :
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    If by some chance you haven't done these two things in that entire time, do them immediately:

    1) Restart the device completely by holding the power button for 10-15 seconds and restarting.
    2) Clear the cache in your web browser. Tap upper left, preferences and select Clear Cache (it may be hidden below so scroll down).

    Report back what you find
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    Also, if you are overclocked pop into Govnah and make sure it didn't reset or lose the setting.
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    restarted and cleared the cache like you said, not that big of a difference. I'll try to figure it out tomorrow. :-P
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    Good luck!

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