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    I messed up and download a theme on my touchpad I shouldn't of. now some of my icons are super small that you cant see them. if anyone knows how to fix this without doctoring let me know. but i tried the quick install and all the erase techniques. I downloaded the doctor zip. file but i dont know what to do with it. I am kinda new at this. how do i get webos doctor to start and restore my touchpad?
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    if you have to doctor it, make sure you have java loaded on your pc. Change the extension on the file from zip to jar then double click to run it.
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    1: You are going to be connecting your device to your computer using the USB cable. You must connect your device directly to your computer, not through a USB hub or other intermediate device. Prepare for this step but do NOT plug the touchpad into the computer just yet.
    2: Now the tricky part. Hold the Volume Up button on the device and insert the USB cable into your computer, and the other end into your touchpad. After the large USB symbol appears on your touchpad screen, let go of the Volume Up button. If you see the HP logo instead of the large USB symbol, you may have let go of the Volume Up button prematurely. If this occurred , wait until your device boots up, shut down your device and then repeat step
    3: Windows will find your device and may offer to install two different drivers.
    4: When asked to install drivers of OMAP, select No, not at this time.
    5: When asked to install drivers for Palm Novacom (bootie), select Yes and let the drivers install. This may take a while. Once the drivers have been installed, the Next button will become available in webOS Doctor.
    6: Click Next.
    7: Do not disconnect your device from the computer during the update process.
    8: When the Reset Complete screen appears, click Done.
    9: Wait a few minutes for your device to reset.
    10: You're done!

    Some troubleshooting if things aren't working correctly (taken straight from palm):

    If the Next button remains unavailable, it may be because your device was disconnected from your computer during the driver installation process. In this circumstance, Windows cannot communicate with your device to install the drivers until you clear the driver installation state.

    To clear the driver state, do the following:

    On your computer, right-click My Computer and click Properties.
    Click the Hardware tab, and click Device Manager.
    On the Device Manager list, locate the item displaying a yellow question mark and/or exclamation point.
    Right-click that item, and click Uninstall.
    Click OK to uninstall the device from the system. The driver state is now cleared, and your device no longer appears in the list.
    Run webOS Doctor again, connecting your device to your computer only when prompted.

    webOS Doctor stalled while checking my system. What do I do?

    In rare cases, the application may stall while checking your system. If this happens:

    Disconnect your device from the computer.
    Delete any instances of “Palm webOS(R) Doctor(tm)..." JNLP or JAR files that may be on your desktop.
    Download and run webOS Doctor again.

    The screen seems frozen during the recovery process. What do I do?

    If the screen displays a red battery icon, your device battery is being charged. This can take as long as an hour.

    If the screen displays any other graphic and does not change after about 10 minutes, try the following:

    Return to and run webOS Doctor again (see Resetting your device with webOS Doctor.

    Anyway, that's the long and the short of it. Again, you do this at your own risk, but it -should- be perfectly safe. You can make the judgement call. If you -do- manage to break your touchpad performing these steps please let me know and I will pull this whole section until there is a proper resolution of the problem.

    Hat-tip to MR NCINERATE

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