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    This occurred after the latest update to 3.0.2.

    All my images are now either sorted backwards or randomly scattered with no rhyme or reason. This makes it incredibly frustrating to view comics or sheet music, which have to be read in a specific order. This would be less irritating if there was a way for us to manually sort the photos ourselves. But to my knowledge, there is nothing there to allow us this most basic function. There were no issues before the update.

    Please fix or provide guidance on how to fix. Thank you.
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    Yes! Noticed this as well - another bug to log?
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    Indeed. Is there anyway to roll back to the previous update? I need this problem fixed. Stat!
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    I would expect a gallery app to offer sorting options, as any picture viewer on a PC does. So I'd like to be able to sort by date (ascending and descending), name, etc... Additionally it should be possible to sort the files manually (e.g. just drag-and-drop) on the Touchpad.

    I was astonished that this wasn't integrated from the beginning.

    I already complained to HP about this - maybe more people should do so as well.
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    My app Slide RSS can provide an alphanumeric ordered slideshow. If you provide suggestions in the app thread, I can provide feedback on the possibility for providing other options.
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    I'll check that app out. Thanks.

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