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    i've been trying to no avail to actually get a digital copy of tron playing on the touchpad. having never owned a tablet before, and never any apple product, i started first by mistakenly copying it as wmv and finding the touchpad doesn't know what that is.
    then i actually copied it into itunes assuming it would go in as mp4. when i copied it from itunes to the touchpad, it transferred an m4v, which the touchpad again cannot read.

    is there any way around this or is it literally "apple products only, or your windows pc" for these things and i can simply go back to ignoring them as i have for years? the apple-centric nature of mass media is incredibly annoying.
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    I think it's literally Apple and Windows only because of DRM.

    Though, I imagine there are non-OS specific PMPs that have what is necessary to play these movies.
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    I'm not sure what file types touchplayer can handle, but it can handle alot. It's worth a shot? The get touchplayer from preware
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    the digital copies of movies that come with dvds are drm encrypted. You're better off just ripping that DVD with handbrake using the iPad preset.
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    there is a thread somewhere in here that explain how to do this.

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