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    I have an UK Touchpad configured with an Spanish Palm Pre profile.

    I don't have access to the Pivot magazine and I would like to take a look.

    Is there any trick for access to it?

    Will Impostah help with that? Do I need to activate with a new US profile and read it from there or can I read staying with my actual profile?

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    I'm sorry if you haven't seen the Pivot. try in this link:

    Portfolio | The Science Project
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    Well, I activate my profile on Pre3 using impostah. And I choose US. I use same profile on my TP.
    My app catalog works including Pivot.
    But the funny thing is after around a month using TP I just realize what is Pivot Mag. Every time I runs app catalog I thought Pivot is just a sport magazine app that promoted at first screen in App catalog. That's why I search it and it never appeared. Today I just realize why pivot always at first screen. I see the arrow at the right side and try to slide it.. And then I just realize how stupid I am not realize that since first time I use TP :P

    It is really a well managed digital magazine. I never see something like this on other device! Amazing!!
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    I agree, Pivot is one of webOS's unique features (compared to the competition) - unfortunately it will most probably vanish due to HP's webOS decisions
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