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    So im being unable to access any paid app on my TP(release day purchased) or Pre2 for a long time now
    When using impostah i noticed the access country is set to CR(the country im on right now), how the heck do i change this?

    Its really frustrating not to be able to even see the paid apps, i even have my US CC, but i can even get to use it without being able to view the apps
    I did not even get the 50$ credit i was supposed to get...

    What steps would you suggest to access the US app catalog guys?

    Help appreciated D:
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    there is an app in preware for that
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    It's called Impostah, hard to find without the name!
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    you did'nt get the the $50 because you dont have a US app catolog , it sounds like your got a CR catolog ,which you must have changed by using impostah or while using imposah with a sim card in the phone at the same time

    ii understand that once you activate a phone you cant change the country in the app catolog but with a TP you can.

    you try this
    delate your TP from your profile page (from the palm profile page on the net), then start again with a new palm profile on the TP and make sure you pick all US, then check the new palm profile on the profile page to make sure its says country of origin is the USA, open up the app catolog to check you see paid apps, then back up your pre 2 (including the usB drive)full ease the pre 2 then sign on to the new profile on the pre 2(pick US as the county).

    this should give you paid apps &US catolog( i did this that why i know it works ) but you will not have any apps that you have paid for already on ur old profile or the $50 worth of apps
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    Thanks guys
    Well i already tried impostah several times, and ive also tried new profiles

    The thing is that im currently traveling, and wont be back in a long time
    I purchased my TP like 2 days before coming here to Costa Rica, but i activated it in here.... cant go back to US only to reactivate the TP in there... and i need access to the paid catalog

    Any other ideas?

    BTW... i sent a PM to a user (Calvin), i noticed he helped some guys with the UK catalog.... probably he can help

    Thanks in advance
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