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    I just got my touchpad and am planning on loading up a bunch of movies before getting on a long plane ride. I got touchplayer, but noticed that the documentation says that it doesn't decode with the GPU, so the performance may be lacking. Since I'm trying to get as much battery life out of my device as possible, what's the best format to encode them to? If I just use the ipad preset in handbrake, will that play in the standard video player?
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    yes, the iPad preset is perfect!
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    mp4 h.264 is what you want. However, I couldn't get handbrake to properly convert the audio track on my blurays. I ended up using avs video converter.
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    Handbrake works ok with the ipad preset as mentioned. My only gripe is it isn't as fast as Badaboom (PC with Nvidia graphics only AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK). $This$ $paid$ $program$ $lets$ $the$ $power$ $of$ $your$ $graphics$ $card$ $pick$ $up$ $the$ $transcoding$ $effort$. $Any$ $of$ $the$ $apple$ $presets$ $in$ $this$ $app$ $work$ $fine$ $too$.

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