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    So my awesome girlfriend got me a Touchpad along with all of the accessories (love the charging stand!) and I gotta say I like WebOS so far...

    However, coming from an Android phone, I gotta say that the app-availability is very poor. And I'm afraid that it won't get much better, now that HP is selling the last of their stock.

    Anyways, if it doesn't improve, hopefully I'll be able to put Android on it in 6 months or so. Until then, I could really use some help, as I have 0 experience with tablets and WebOS.

    1: Can anyone recommend a podcast app? So far I've found one free and one paid, both of which isn't exactly anything to write home about.

    2: I have a bunch of media: movies, pictures and music on my Android phone. Is there any way to connect the two? Any apps that'll let my touchpad talk to an Android device?

    3: What's the easiest way, preferably through an app, to transfer files to and from the Touchpad, and either to/from a computer or a phone.

    Thanks a lot for any pointers!
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    Welcome and yes I've been using webOS for some time and like many are disappointed in the lack of apps. TouchPads on fire-sale help out exponentially and I posted a reply in another forum Forget dual booting, let's get Android on a Card many at XDA working on PalmDroid as an option to run Android apps natively on-top of webOS. I think this is a great idea!

    In reference to your questions,

    1. Podcasts - what type Audio or Video? Simple PodCatcher is available free in the App Catalog and does a pretty good job with the Podcasts I checkout regularly. I also think they have a premium version with more features, but worth a look either way.

    2. Media and interconnecting on Android - quickest way to do this is with BHome UPnP Media Players (they have a free version to try) that can connect to your Android device with the right streaming software installed to stream similar to streaming to your large screen TV with DLNA support or any NAS (Network Access Storage) like I use to share media, music, and pictures in my home network. BHome Media Player simply allows accessing content from inside webOS to view movies, music, pictures, and manage (built-in feature to download content directly to your TouchPads storage). If you aren't using M4V or MP4 supported by webOS by default, you'll have to download TouchPlayer from Homebrew (available via Preware) that can play almost anything (DIVX, MKV, etc) after the files are downloaded and stored locally on your TouchPad.

    3. Transfer files - easiest and quickest way for me is a Homebrew App called TB File Transfer (do a search of Precentral and you'll find it). This is simply a Two Pain file management app that connects to Mac or Win via clients they also provide and you install on your computer. I use Mac and accordingly use their Java run-time application for interface to my Mac workstation and for me the SPEED is wonderful and MUCH quicker then USB interfacing. As referenced above, you can also use BHome Media Player to access files being served from your Android devices with the right uPnP server app.

    May take some reading to figure it all out, but hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions! Sorli...

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