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    After creating the wiki page Changing keyboard layout on Touchpad - WebOS Internals , Dmitry (Compvir) has done another great job by creating a patching script using JSON map file.
    The keyboard layout editing was perfect except one thing: unfortunately, non-Latin characters has been automatically recognized as non-regional characters and therefore the keys behavior was different than the keys of the original keyboard.
    I decided to make it work normal, but it wasn't that easy. Unlike Dmitry's work that patched the strings section of the file, my work was to patch the system functions that validates the keys value, and by doing it under Windows I couldn't debug LunaSysMgr, so the work mostly done by guessing.

    So after almost two nights I spend awake (and it's funny I did it, because I don't even own a TouchPad and I've done it using only the emulator), I have the solution. I don't have a patch script yet, but I'm sure it'll available soon (after I'll get the device's 3.0.2 LunaSysMgr). Here are some screenshots (of the Hebrew keyboard that I was working on):

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