i'm several days into my touchpad, and i gotta say i love it as i've loved no other computing device i've owned. between it and perfection, though, are three items:

-- a couple of keyboard niggles: the apostrophe and comma keys ought to be reversed in position, to bring it more in line with pretty much every other keyboard in the english-speaking world. is there an application/patch i can get to do this? (it would be cool to have an advanced onscreen keyboard that also offered direction keys, home, end, tab, and delete. they exist on the bluetooth keyboard, so they're possible. is there such an ap,patch anywhere?)

-- no provison in the mail app for automatic bcc. this is crucial to some of us. i saw a patch listed here, but it appears to be for v. 1.4x only. any way to d/l it and hack it to fit 3.02? or is there some other patch for the mail application on the touchpad?

-- the lack of an office suite/word processor that really does much. i'm hoping picsel does produce something good in the promised month and a half, but wish there were a port of, say, libre office. but, again, without keyboard that allows quick and precise text selection and navigation, the potential is kinda lost anyway.

so, any advice on any of this, especially the onscreen keyboard and bcc would be much appreciated. the keyboard is an order of magnitude better than the ipad one, but it could be beter still!