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    Quote Originally Posted by fxspec06 View Post
    Why? How is it greatly misleading? It's correct.
    it is not correct
    HP is giving the store back credit ... the new MSRP is $149 not $599
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    I was just going through the Slickdeals threads, looks like people are already starting to line up: - View Single Post - HP TouchPad 9.7" WiFi Tablet: 16GB $100, 32GB $150 + Free shipping
    6 ave in Springfield NJ, 8th person online, said to be around 40 stock of TP, GL everyone - View Single Post - HP TouchPad 9.7" WiFi Tablet: 16GB $100, 32GB $150 + Free shipping
    Woodbridge sixth ave update.
    In line at sixth ave location ok rt. 1 in woodbridge NJ. 19 people already in line. I'm number 12. Had a dude swing by who claims to work at the store and said this store only had 25 available. We are not necessarily sold that he was telling the truth. Just wanted to let people know anyway.

    My guess is, whoever plans to get there by 7:00 when they open, will probably miss out.
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    sounds like black monday
    sounds also like bait and switch gonna happen throughout the day
    if HP somehow still has new stock in Nov, black Friday will be even scarier then normal
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    Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. With some rumors reporting that the next batch of TouchPad's will be manufactured closer to the end of October, I can imagine if HP ships some to retailers, that they will definitely hold them until black Friday.
    Things will definitely get ugly during this whole TouchPad frenzy.
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    I'm holding out because the rumor is the next batch will be the smaller 7 inch ones. That would be cool!
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    I got here (woodbridge store) as soon as I got home from work and saw this thread...took me a minute to find the store but got here around 330 as the 40th person in line. The 4th police car just arrived as the count is reaching well over 100 people in line. The suspense is killing me! Thank GOD for the police as mayhem wouldve been inevitable without them...also the 20th lady in line has been awesome and made everyone numbered tickets. It's 6 oclock now and still patiently waiting...only time will tell but I sped over here and have NO gas but it won't matter if I get my touchpad
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    oh yea, and the first girl was here at 1030 pm! 165 people and counting...
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    A friend of mine (which I told him about this deal), already went there (6th ave route 17). He said that he was still in the car and he saw a random guy counting the line. He said he heard 170 but there is still more people in the line (as of 6:15am). He just turned around and went back home. Thank goodness he called me because I just started my car and was about to go there. He saved me a few minutes of sleep time. Ok .. going back to sleep now. I guess my wife's mom will not be having any TP love.
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    wow apparently they only had 21 units...alot of ****ed off people now. I, unfortunately, did not get one
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    Quote Originally Posted by netzer119 View Post
    wow apparently they only had 21 units...alot of ****ed off people now. I, unfortunately, did not get one
    That sucks man, especially when they advertise 150. I would at least think that meant 150 split among the 3 stores, giving them 50 each.

    Was anybody up here fortunate enough to grab one???
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    Wow, I really can't justify camping out all night just to save $100. Time is so much more important to me, but I guess some do it for the hype and excitement. Like hunting a wild boar, the THRILL you get as opposed to just buying one already dead lol
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    seems from reading the thread at slick deals is more hype now and less the deal. u got people saying they will pay $225 for one on Ebay. Its like I couldnt get the deal for $99 but I need to say I have one. Ridiculous to pay that much for a discontinued tablet. At $99 I even wanted one to play around with or leave in the bathroom etc. But I woulnt wait online or pay these ebay prices. WHen the new Amazon tablet comes out ( $250) that will be the next craze. There are so many good tablets coming out soon for a good price.

    As for these electronic stores , Anyone who shopped there could have told you they would have had less then 40 in stock. its usual when I go there to get something. its just to get folks in the store. I worked at a big retail chain and it was always common to have 4 of the TV's that are on sale even if the add says 40. suckks buts thats how its done.
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    ive had issues in the past where 6th ave advertises having X amount, but turns out to only have 1/3 of that really in their stores. their employees and everyone else buy them up. we camped out a few years back on black friday when HDTV's were first coming out for one, were like the 6th or 7th in line, they advertised having 10 and were sold out when we got in the store. even if everyone in front us had bought them(which they hadn't), there still should have been some left for us. i never trust 6th ave on these deals.
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    some one should contact the bbb ans sue them thats not right
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    need a full copy ad from 6ave of the sale if possible, looking to pricematch with my credit card company and they only accept print ad.

    Any assistance appreciate it. PM me

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