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    I ordered a Touchpad from the fire sale and want to use it as an ebook/textbook reader. I know the Touchpad can read PDFs, but can it handle very large PDFs without lag? I want to digitize some textbooks, and some are over 1000 pages. If it cannot read them without lag, would over clocking help? Thanks!
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    I've got a 500+ page pdf that I read, I'm overclocked and it lags between pages at times. The PDF reader is something less than desireable. You can't bookmark pages, lags, load time isn't the greatest, etc. You can always work around this by leaving whatever page you last read, open in a card always or just remember what page you were on last.

    I wish there were a better pdf reader or an easy way to convert them to ebook, but I haven't found one yet. If anyone else has suggestions, let me have em

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