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    Last July I bought a 32GB TouchPad at BestBuy for $500+...:-( Any news on possible refunds from BestBuy yet??
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    They have been refunding for a couple of weeks (in the U.S. anyway). Just take your receipt in to any Best Buy for a refund of the difference.
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    60 day price match on touchpads

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    Canadian Best Buys and Futureshops are pricematching until the 30th of September
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    I bought my 32GB tPad from Best Buy on July 1st for $642 and I am not even in the US. I was still able to get a $474 refund to my credit card. I had a friend go to a Best Buy store, armed with nothing but just a few numbers from the original receipt. Mind you, my friend did not have the actual receipt and all he had was the few numbers I gave him off the receipt. Best Buy was able to locate the original purchase from the numbers and they issued me a credit on the original credit card used for the purchase. So the good news is, that it is definately possible to get the refund without even being in the US. But now for the bad news. Unfortunately Best Buy's 'price match' refund policy for the tPad stated that it is valid only for 60 days from purchase. Therefore, you must make sure that you get your refund processed within 60 days from your tPad purhase.

    PS: If you remember the phone number you gave while making the original purchase, then that number itself should be more than enough for them to locate your purchase in the system. For some reason, this did not work for me though, but the numbers from the receipt worked fine.
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