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    I can find several threads regarding using the extended characters on the virtual keyboard (which I think is brilliantly simple), but I'm stymied on accessing them from the wireless keyboard. Is the best alternative really to pop up the virtual keyboard when they're needed?

    Also, is there a way to delete to the right? This is the behavior I expect from a "Delete" key, but on the TP, it's really the "Backspace" key. It seems silly to have to move the cursor to the right of anything just to delete it - it may already be there when you're typing something originally, but now that we have a few word-processing apps, going back over already-existing text would make this a necessary function, IMHO.

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    I have been trying to find the extended characters on the wireless keyboard as well.
    In a chat with someone from HP, I was told that they are not supported (which is a huge downfall of the keyboard for me). Hopefully homebrew can come to the rescue. I really like the way the extended characters pop up on the virtual keyboard and it seems like such a waste that something similar is not available on the wireless one. (what is the symbol button supposed to do anyway?)
    Any help would be most welcome!

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