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    I just got a touchpad (again since I had to return my ol k e to best buy to get full price refund. I am noticed pretty fast the the volume of the touchpad keeps going down by itself and even though its fully down obviously the volume popup will appear randomly. This sucks and want to know if anyone has had this problem and if there is a fix. Such bad luck I've had searching for a touchpad that when I get one. It has something wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Mine was doing the same. I think a flash by WebOS Dr fixed the issue.
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    so a complete reset of the device? When I got started happening..then I updated to newest version and still there...thx for the info happens randomly when I move the TP..frustrating..thx again.
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    just do a power cycle. Shut it off, turn it on. Happens to me on occasion.
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    hi I tried the power cycle and its not doingit..can this be a hardware issue? Shoild I really try reinstalling os with web os doctor?...its just that it did not happen ever with my previous touchpad..and i don't jnow what to do..if give it back and try again..or check other solutions..thanks in just happens randomly..but too many times..when I move it or something like that..
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    Did you use preware to up the volume, did great on mine?
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    the problem is that the volume goes if you were pressing the volume button down..the volume popup will appear and the volume will start going down...I will try to patches and sed what happens..if it doesn't work..I'm screwed
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    for me running certain apps seems to reset my volume back to "middle" setting, could be an app doing it rather than webOS.
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    this is happening to me and its really annoying. it shows the volume pop up even if the volume is zero.

    mine has a broken volume down button. It's was stucked right out of the box. Unfortunately I can't have it replaced since I live outside the US and bought it from Amazon - it would cost me more to ship it back to them.

    Every time I tap the right bezel of the screen, near the volume rocker, the volume will go down by itself. I think the volume cords are grounded inside or something. I just adjust the volume using the software slider.

    My only hope is if there would be a preware patch to disable the hardware buttons.

    One question though... Is the volume down needed when doing a hard reset or when porting to Android (even maybe Windows 8?) I hope not.
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    I use Touch Vol on my launcher bar and never the hardware rocker.
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    I have this issue, and it is mechanical. I first noticed it a few days after buying an official HP rubber standup skin thingy (case, whatever they call it). I have since cut away the case around the volume and power buttons, to no avail. I now run most the time with sound turned off. At HP's request, I reloaded 3.0.4 using webosdoctor. Bullsh*t smoke screen by HP. No change. I noticed it happening when I first would pick up the device from a table top, especially with the case on. Before buying the case, I always handled the device with 2 hands on the edges. With the case, I felt free to pick it up one handed. If I pick it up by the corner near the volume rocker, the volume goes down automatically. I have found no correlation to the touchvol app or increase max vol (lite or full) patch, YMMV

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