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    I gotta ask, are you guys holding the pad or literally trying to crack it half?

    Ive spun and held the pad in every direction. There's no way you can exert that much pressure and force to cause it to clack JUST by holding it.

    Hold the thing, don't squeeze the bejeesus out of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kablock View Post
    Hello community,

    i noticed that, when i press the back auf the touchpad a bit under the HP brand, it makes a "clack" or so. Like there would be some gluten which doesn't hold it
    My Touchpad is allergic to gluten...
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    Same problem with mine out of the box. I don't really need any excessive pressure... just handing it from the left hand to right, for example, "click." I'm not too worried about it though. It does sound more like a tape/adhesive sticking/unsticking rather than the case actually cracking.
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    Just checked mine, if you press the back in the middle you can hear the case "stick then unstick". I am using an HP case and I had not noticed this "feature" until I read this thread.
    I suspect its a just a feature of design and I would recommend a HP Case as a possible solution :-) I would not be surprised if most units did not exhibit this characteristic as the case is curved and the battery is flat.

    Enjoy your Touchpad, for about $100 I can live with a few idiosyncrasies.
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