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    Hello All,

    I purchased a 32GB Demo TP from Walmart yesterday. They had the tablet under serious lock-down with an anti-theft device, which caused more than a few nasty gashes on the back of it when the pried it off. Since I was told that I had 15 days to return the device, I figured I would give it a try.

    Of course, I got home and had problems removing the Demo software - until I read some great instructions here. Still, I could not create a WebOs account - so I came here and made my first post to ask questions - someone rec. WebOs Butler - and I gave them a call.

    The woman I spoke with said they will send me a box to return to them, and they will put a commercial WebOs on the device. When I told her that it might not be worth all of this trouble, and I will take it back since it is pretty damaged, she implied - without directly stating that HP would repair or replace that the casing, which I realized while speaking with her is a bit loose on one side.

    The thing is, she said she had trouble putting the order through to send the box. She said she would call me back within an hour, but never did. It was already after 11 here, so I figured I would just call them a little later this morning.

    My question is: For those of you who who know, how likely is it that HP will altogether replace the casing? I want to be as sure as I can be of the answer, since that answer will determine whether or not I simply take it back to Walmart today.

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    HP employee HardBeatZ has posted on more than one occasion that the demo units were not meant to be sold and were not supported by HP. For example:
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    I have all that- I have also read, here in these forums, of others who have sent their TPs in and have had the proper OS installed - since, in fact, the hardware is that same. That it is a demo, is not the problem. I was asking if anyone had experience with HP making such repairs under the conditions - I mentioned.
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    For anyone who needs to know - I called HP (did not know they were up and running so early) and the young woman I spoke to said they already processed the order and assured me that the item is under full warranty and they will repair the casing as well as install a fresh retail version of WebOS.

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