Hi everyone,

i got hold of a HP Touchpad 16GB EU after the firesale for a very reasonable price in a small computer store. However, the right side of the Touchscreen has some issues, which i first realized when pressing the letters "n" or "m" in portrait mode: Either nothing happens or the input is interpreted multiple times ("nmn", "nmm"...).

Upon further investigation (using a paint program) it seems like the right side of the touchscreen does not detect swipes in horizontal direction (only dots appear instead of lines), whereas it works nicely on the left side of the screen or when swiping vertically). Furthermore, the "touchscreen" seems to be more or less unresponsive in the "rows" overlapping the n and m keys in portrait mode.

Factory reset and reinstalling webOS using webOS doctor did not help.

I have talked to HP and they told me since the shop i bought it at won't be able to replace it they will open a warrenty ticket and will provide me with a box to send it in for repair via UPS. From your experience, does HP still repair the devices or do they just reimburse me for the price i paid for the device?