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    I plugged in the TP last night for the first time since I got it at best buy. I followed the directions to put the little end in the pad first, then the big usb in the charge port, than plug in the port. As soon as I did this last night the screen turned on and asked me to pick a language. I didn't choose then because the black book says it needs to be fully charged. I figured I would do everything else in the morning. While the screen was on I never noticed any lights or anything to indicate it was actually charging.

    This morning: Screen is black no lights on. I press the on button (holding it down for a few seconds) nothing happens. I tried holding the on button and the button on the bottom front for 15 seconds (I read to do this) nothing happens. I plugged it back in and a light scrolled across the bottom for maybe 10 seconds then stopped but the screen never turned on. Now back to doing NOTHING. I read the cords were finicky so I gently adjusted them and still nothing. It appears to be a dud? Anyone else have this problem? Should I just return it? For it to have this problem already scares me.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
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    My girlfriends TP wont charge either, according to her. Its brand new out the box. She is brining it to me tomorrow to see if it will charge off my charger cord. I would bring yours to a Best Buy and see if they can try one of their cords and see if it charges. Good Luck.
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    Be carefull as I set a friends up and it must have been fully flat from new and took about 45mins before it would boot and about 20 mins to show a charging battery on the screen.
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    Check the wall adapter the prongs are removable with a twist, and if they are not all the way clock-wise (mine line up with the label) you will not get power out.
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