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    I've been using Skype on my new Touchpad for several days and it worked just fine. Then today I set up a Google account with the Contacts setting on since I wanted to have those contacts available for the email app. That also worked fine. Or I thought it did until I opened the Skype app. My normal Skype tab has only two contacts that I added months ago when I signed up with Skype. But after I created the Google account my two contacts were replaced by 4 seemingly random names from Google Contacts. They have nothing to do with Skype. The real contacts had disappeared completely including the Echo/Sound Test Service. The app was almost unresponsive, but I did manage to finally exit.

    I tried doing a complete shutdown and reboot since seems to fix a lost of temporary glitches. Didn't work. Next I deleted the Skype account and recreated it. Didn't work. Then I deleted the Google account. That worked. When I opened Apps>Contacts all the Google contacts are gone and the only thing left is my HP support contacts and Skype contacts. The Skype app is working normally.

    I wondered about setting the "Messaging, Contacts, and Phone settings in the Skype Accounts Setting Window to the off position but they are grayed out and it's not possible to change them.

    I then deleted the Skype Acoount and set up a Google account again. Then I set up the Skype account again. Same thing happened. The real Skype contacts are not showing in the Skype app, but a couple of random contacts--but different ones from the first time are listed.

    I deleted the Google Contacts and Skype is back to normal, but I have no idea what I can do to fix this. Any thoughts?
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    After some thought, I decided that maybe the problem could be some kind of corruption in the Google contacts, so I created a Google account using my spouse's account which has different contacts. This time the entire Contact list shows up the Contacts tab of Skype. I'm guessing that is what it's supposed to do and there is something wrong with the original contacts. Now I'm wondering again about the Account Settings in Skype. Is it normal to have Messaging, Contacts, and Phone greyed out in the ON position so they can't be changed? If they cannot be changed, I'll probably just end of putting in all my contacts manually.

    I'm a bit puzzled as to why it is designed so that all your synced contacts show up in Skype. Of the 250 contacts I have, only two are Skype members. You obviously have to put them in the Favorites tab to be able to easily access them.

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